Check out the Great Boats in This Month’s Latitude 38 Classy Classifieds

The Ha-Ha fleet just left San Diego on their journey to Mexico. There is still time to find your boat for next year’s Baja Ha-Ha rally or sailing in the Bay. In today’s Baja Ha-Ha story, you’ll note one of the fleet members is a Cal 34. In our current classified section, there are about 10 boats of a similar vintage with prices in the $10,000 to $40,000 range. Are they ready to go? Probably not, but some of them could be by November of next year.

So many boats to search through! Take a look at our Classy Classified ads to find your dream boat.

Just check out this variety: 30-ft Herreshoff Ketch, in Alameda for $9,000/obo; Roue 30 in Pt. Richmond for $18,000; 55-ft Trimaran in Panama City, $90,000/obo; Marshall-Californian Veneti 44 in Sausalito, price reduced to $44,500; Pan Oceanic 46 in Majuro, Marshall Islands for $88,000; and a 25-ft Pacific Seacraft in Morro Bay for $15,000.

Looking to sell your boat?

You can list your sailboat for sale easily online. We’ve had many satisfied Classy Classified sellers with great success stories. Here’s a few of them:

“Your Classy ads are so effective… that they sell boats even before they are published!” — Point Richmond, CA

“I found and purchased the boat through Latitude nearly 10 years ago and sold it through Latitude last month! Didn’t even try to advertise anywhere else!” — Brisbane, CA

“What can I say? I had delayed listing the boat for almost a year, trying to sell it to friends and through forums. Finally bought an ad and sold it in 3 weeks!” — Alameda, CA

“Thanks to my ad in Latitude 38, I was able to successfully sell my boat and reach many other potential buyers as well.” — Sausalito, CA

For future reference, the deadline for paid classy ads in the December issue of Latitude 38 is Friday, November 15, at 5 p.m. Pacific Time. Ads go online within three business days!

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