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Caption Contest(!) — The World Famous ‘Latitude 38’

This year is not the only thing that’s flying by. Check out this month’s Caption Contest(!) offering and drop your comments below.

Caption Contest(!)
Your caption here.
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You can find last month’s photo and contest winners in the September issue’s Loose Lips.


  1. John C. Dukat 8 months ago

    Alien abduction in progress

  2. David R 8 months ago

    Do we have a deeper reefpoint?

  3. Gerald Martin 8 months ago

    I think that Captain suffers from AI.

  4. JT Sellers 8 months ago

    Where we’re going, we don’t need water….

  5. Richard McCombs 8 months ago

    Just another great day on the Bay

  6. Maryann Hinden 8 months ago

    Prepare for takeoff.

  7. Roy Curet 8 months ago

    Houston, we have a problem.

  8. Elan 8 months ago

    To infinity and beyond!

  9. Jane Allan Noon 8 months ago

    E.T. & Elliot’s new boat!

  10. John Tennyson 8 months ago

    After that day, no one would ever again offer a hand when Bob said “Here– hold my beer.”

  11. Barry Moore 8 months ago

    I told you NOT to push the big red button!

  12. Jere Visalli 8 months ago

    Wow, that new prop is really powerful!

  13. Bud Kerner 8 months ago

    It’s much smoother up here.

  14. Joe Maciorowski 8 months ago

    When the rudder broke off we really could fly

  15. Chuck Hawley 8 months ago

    OK, maybe now we tie in another reef?

  16. Robert Novak 8 months ago

    This antigravity bottom paint really shines in 25+

  17. Bob martin 8 months ago

    I TOLD you this boat was too small for a turbo prop!

  18. Grant 8 months ago

    Please fasten your seatbelts at this time and secure all baggage underneath your seat or in the overhead compartments.

  19. Lu Abel 8 months ago

    I guess I didn’t quite understand when they said the boat came with a wingsail!

  20. Jim Sinclair 8 months ago

    Award winning fake photo.

  21. Kristen S. 8 months ago

    Just the mobile app restaurant delivery’s latest model of drone delivering crew lunch on a narly summer day in the Bay

  22. Inge Lorentzen 8 months ago

    We have achieved “lift-off”…

  23. David R 8 months ago

    Foiling is sooo last year…

  24. Mike Strealy 8 months ago

    We’re pretty good sailors, but we’re better photoshoppers!

  25. Andy Graham 8 months ago

    (Fake Photo), But…. “I thought the rules said no more than 30% lift on foils? Quick, take a pic and call foul!”

  26. David Henry 8 months ago

    How many times can you skip a boat across the water?

  27. Scott Smith 8 months ago

    What happens offshore stays off shore!

  28. Ron Harben 8 months ago

    Who said trim tabs won’t work on a sailboat?

  29. Bill Willcox 8 months ago

    Dr. Mel’s boat-lightening Helium 3 ballast was a little TOO effective.

  30. Beni Bacon 8 months ago

    It was at this point when Dave really wished he had that third reef point put in.

  31. Ron Harben 8 months ago

    No wonder you named your boat “Flying Fish!”

  32. Bill Schaumburg 8 months ago

    Foils? We don’t need no stinking foils.

  33. Duckie 8 months ago

    Nope!! Not buyn’ it!

  34. David Chamberlain 8 months ago

    Another “Sea of Thieves” AI glitch

  35. James Lane 8 months ago

    Escape velocity at 4 knots, whoda-thunk!?

  36. Steve Wolff 8 months ago

    Up, Up, and Awayyy!

  37. Jordan L Eller 8 months ago

    The air up here his great!

  38. William Crowley 8 months ago

    Biggest dang wakeboard I ever saw!

  39. George Hughes 8 months ago

    Yikes, Orca!

  40. George G Hughes 8 months ago


  41. David Hume 8 months ago

    Pan Am resumes it’s flying boat service to Hawaii

  42. Bill Huber 8 months ago

    Best way I can think of to get the kelp off…

  43. Robert Sherry 8 months ago

    Well, you told me to head up……..

  44. David R 8 months ago

    It’s all very simple. You see, Johnny, the sail acts like the wing on an airplane … and generates what we call “lift”.

  45. Dave Peterson 8 months ago

    Scanning the horizon on a long day watch, dazzled by the sun the skipper sees a jumping dolphin morph into a sloop. Dazed and amazed, thinking : ” It must be last night’s tequila playing tricks on me”…

  46. Eben Kermit 8 months ago

    Thanks for the Phish!
    …with a nod to Scott Adam’s “Hitch-hiker’s Guide to the Universe”

  47. Joe Day 8 months ago

    Surfs up! Let’s catch some air!

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