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Caption Contest(!) — The World-Famous ‘Latitude 38’

Welcome to July’s Caption Contest(!). This month we’re sharing a photo that some of you may have seen before. It hails from 2018, and it does have a backstory, which we’ll share next week, but for now, we want to assure you that, according to the related news reports, no one was hurt. The photo was taken on Chesapeake Bay, by a firefighter on the scene.

Caption Contest July 2023
Your caption here.

© 2023 Maryland Natural Resources Police

See last month’s Caption Contest(!) winners and top ten in this month’s issue: Loose Lips.


  1. Ants Uiga 9 months ago

    Starboard does not mean sh** when you are crossing tacks with a powerboat!

  2. Phileta Riley 9 months ago

    “What the………..???”

  3. Craig 9 months ago

    I told you guys, we don’t have any Grey Poupon!

  4. Rosann Allenbaugh 9 months ago

    Now that is a case of one-upmanship by hook or crook!

  5. mike Winter 9 months ago

    i was so busy holding onto the line i didn’t realize it was a sail-fish, until we landed it.

  6. Bill Willcox 9 months ago

    Just give me a second skip, I’ll slide this puppy off in no time.

  7. Robert Guillen 9 months ago

    that’s not what I meant when I said “we were going to motorsail”

  8. Steven Phillips 9 months ago

    I TOLD you it wasn’t going to fit on the foredeck!!

  9. Ron Harben 9 months ago

    This is where sailing dinghies come from.

  10. Bill Huber 9 months ago

    Evel Knievel’s boating daring-do is off to an inauspicious start.

  11. Mark Caplin 9 months ago

    Ok, I forgot that it was a powerboater, maybe I shouldn’t have yelled “Starboard!”

  12. Randall Brink 9 months ago


  13. Kelvin eeks 9 months ago

    Bill soon realized it was cheaper to pay for the repair than what the yard would charge him for a haulout

  14. joe moore 9 months ago

    this tender doesn’t fit!!!

  15. Peter Detwiler 9 months ago

    Oh, just call me Capt. Crunch.

  16. Mark Bettis 9 months ago

    Come on! – Not only did you guys park in the wrong place you forgot the pepperoni!

  17. Ross Cuthbertson 9 months ago

    We were going down. What else could I do?

  18. James White 9 months ago

    Hate to tell, but you have barnacles.

  19. Dan Brenny 9 months ago

    State Farm, we have a slight problem.

  20. Bill O'Connor 9 months ago

    “Let’s hope that this T-Bone is rare, skipper!!”
    ( Credit for this one goes to my wife Pattie…looking over my shoulder at the picture before I could think of anything…no surprise.)

    • David Cohan 9 months ago

      I immediately thought of something rather similar, but Pattie’s is better, so in lieu of my own entry, I’ll offer an upvote on yours!

  21. Dan Brenny 9 months ago

    Bob, dad is going to be so mad at us!!!

  22. mike winter 9 months ago

    skipper: tow boat usa, do you have a buy one get one free deal this week?
    tow boat usa: sure, provided your on the same boat

  23. Bob Heintz 9 months ago

    Is this how the whales do it?

  24. Meathead 9 months ago

    FIshermen teaching Orcas how to attack Sailboats.

  25. Shonna Hammon 9 months ago

    Don’t look him in the eyes. Maybe he won’t notice.

  26. Ross Werner 9 months ago

    Russell Perdock is at it again….

  27. Robert Goldberg 9 months ago

    I thought that their boat was the less maneuverable and we had the right of way!

  28. Cecile Schwedes 9 months ago

    Restricted visibility with a loose-footed main!

  29. Gary Green 9 months ago

    The first attempt at cross-species reproduction did not go well….

  30. senorbrx 9 months ago

    After you check the zincs, can you chip any barnacles off the prop?

  31. Lori Lorenz 9 months ago

    Permission to come aboard?

  32. Richard C Brown 9 months ago

    That’s not how most Bay crabbers get their catch.

  33. goose gossman 9 months ago

    Experienced powerboater hits reef.

  34. Tim Mc 9 months ago

    Hybridizing a new Racer/RC doodle…

  35. Eric Hall 9 months ago

    Nope! It’s not a dacron sail!

  36. C White 9 months ago

    Did someone say free beer?

  37. Sailorette 9 months ago

    You can’t park here!

  38. Tom in Sunny San Rafael 9 months ago

    Dammit, Fred, I told you the gooseneck wasn’t strong enough!

  39. John Tennyson 9 months ago

    #@$%^^#! I said “starboard tack,” not “starboard, attack!”

  40. Jay W 9 months ago

    “All aboard!”

  41. T Jensen 9 months ago

    I said “tack”… not stack…!

  42. Eben Kermit 9 months ago

    Well…E-X-C-U-S-E Me! I thought I had the right-of-way, but I guess I didn’t afterall. Pushy, pushy, pushy!

  43. Kevin Parker 9 months ago

    I though it was give w-e-i-g-h to sail

  44. Dave Peterson 9 months ago

    Someone on TikTok showed how to do this, except they jumped clean through the sail.

  45. John Duncan 9 months ago


  46. David R 9 months ago

    How about a couple of mackerels and we’ll call it even?

  47. mike hogen 9 months ago

    White on white crime

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