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Caption Contest(!)

It’s that time again! We’re sharing this month’s Caption Contest(!) a little earlier than usual, as February is a short month! It’s only two or three days, but in our world, that could make the difference between getting the March issue to the docks on time, or having it arrive “un”-fashionably late — and we don’t want that!

So here it is, our February photo. While it could be a recent occurrence, given January’s wild weather, no boats known to us were harmed in the taking of this photo. The image has been making the rounds on the internet for more than 10 years. (If you are the original photographer, thank you; all credit goes to you.)

February -2023 Caption Contest
Your caption here.
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See the hilarious captions for our January Caption Contest(!) in the latest issue of Latitude 38.


  1. Roger Briggs 1 year ago

    Maybe you pulled down on that cunningham a little too much, Bob.

  2. David R 1 year ago

    OK…break out the anchor, we’ll try kedging off.

  3. C Swett 1 year ago

    Yard sale Saturday low tide

  4. Bud Kerner 1 year ago

    I think we are secure.

  5. Brian Richards 1 year ago

    This is why you want to stay topside when you go aground.

  6. Bill Andrew 1 year ago

    Don’t you just love a project!

  7. Michael Baldwin 1 year ago

    Ya think there’s a ghost-of-a-chance this will sail?

  8. Bill Huber 1 year ago

    This is not my idea of a hurricane hole!

  9. Bill Huber 1 year ago

    Take off your shoes, please. We don’t want to get sand down below.

  10. David Cohan 1 year ago

    Our new Subterranean Sailing technology will win races and lower shipping distances, just as soon as we get the prototype moving again!

  11. David Wilson 1 year ago

    Sweetie Quick! What does the depth sounder say?

  12. robert daprato 1 year ago

    Gives the meaning “on the hard and “a new perspective!

  13. Pat Bono 1 year ago

    No reason to worry dear, this boat is rigged with all the latest electronics. I just gotta figure out where that salesman put the instructions.

  14. Paul Mathews 1 year ago

    Land ho!

  15. Christopher M 1 year ago

    Sanded , now all I have to do is paint.

    • Brad Smith 1 year ago

      Or… I think you went a little heavy on the non skid.

  16. Mark J. Mazeski 1 year ago

    Land Yacht!

  17. PJ 1 year ago

    Custom Sand Sailor

  18. Scott Henry 1 year ago

    A little more cleanup, and we should be ready for that hurricane.

  19. Ian 1 year ago

    Is it me or do the winches seem sticky to you?

  20. Winston 1 year ago

    The original beach craft.

  21. Chris Conklin 1 year ago

    For once the rigging lasted longer than the boat.

  22. John 1 year ago

    We don’t need no stinking chain on our anchor.

  23. Rich Brazil 1 year ago

    You said you didn’t like to heel…so how do you like the new anti-skid deck?

  24. Tim McCormick 1 year ago


  25. Paul Brogger 1 year ago

    As is, where is.

  26. David Henry 1 year ago

    I told you not to mix sugar in with the fiberglass!

  27. Dean K 1 year ago

    Got the rigging at Minney’s for a good price. Waiting for a deal on the rest

  28. Sailorette 1 year ago

    Buried Treasure!

  29. RT 1 year ago

    It’s a start, Marge. But eventually we’ll sail off of this island back to civilization

  30. Scott Truesdell 1 year ago

    Surveyor: “Standing rigging: check!”

  31. John Arndt 1 year ago

    From Mike Mahoney: Be careful to whom you opine, “The hull needs a wet sanding”…

  32. Paul Brogger 1 year ago

    “Fortunately, nearly all of our buoyant anchor rode washed ashore and was recovered.”

  33. Gary E Morris 1 year ago

    Holy crap, we may be aground.

  34. Dave Peterson 1 year ago

    Much like Oak Island, we found evidence that early explorers from a past century visited this shore and buried their bounty, only for us to discover it as it emerges from the depths.

  35. Rob Falconer 1 year ago

    But I thought starboard was left …

  36. Peter Bellak 1 year ago

    Just furl the lines and call it a day

  37. Eben L Kermit 1 year ago

    Hey, is that a lee shore? Naaaaah….

  38. John krossa 1 year ago

    “Jim look! The new play ground equipment on the beach is nautical themed!”

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