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Welcome to September’s Caption Contest(!)

What a great shot! We’re told the invisible sailor is Ethan Sargent, racing a Laser Radial in the Area G Smythe Cup qualifiers on the Berkeley Circle.

Thanks to Jack Barton for taking the photo, and to Chris Boome for sending it our way.

Caption Contest(!) Sept. 2022
Your caption here.
© 2022 Jack Barton

Last month’s winner and top ten captions can be found in the September issue’s Loose Lips.


  1. Tim Stapleton 7 months ago

    Dive! Dive! Dive!

  2. Steve Allen 7 months ago

    I usually wash the foredeck after the race!

  3. Bill Huber 7 months ago

    Please insert one quarter for the next three minutes of videoooo no!!!

  4. John Callahan 7 months ago

    Ethan wisely avoided the crowd at the leeward mark by going under it.

  5. chuck cunningham 7 months ago

    Circle Star Theater

  6. Scott Henry 7 months ago

    See, I told you I could make a sailing submarine!

  7. Mark L 7 months ago

    Green energy submarine

  8. Jim Govert 7 months ago

    Low and slow meets lower and slower

  9. Ron Harben 7 months ago

    Hey! Wait a minute! Didn’t we have someone on foredeck?

  10. Stefan Schmidt 7 months ago

    Down periscope

  11. David N Henry 7 months ago

    Captain, I told you we could sneak into the Bay disguised as a laser racer!

  12. JOE MOORE 7 months ago


  13. Jennifer 7 months ago

    A mystery man was at the helm, I swear! I Lost him and I’m a goner too!

  14. Kit Stycket-Canright 7 months ago

    Dad said this was fast

    • Al Sargent 3 months ago

      Haha… well played Kit. Great to see you here, and would love to bump into you in person. Been too many decades!

  15. Michael Grant 7 months ago

    Pearl Jam

  16. William Willcox 7 months ago

    Boy, the front brakes on this thing are really grabby.

  17. Rob Falconer 7 months ago

    So that’s what happened to the Marie Celeste …

  18. Jim Gossman 7 months ago

    I don’t need no stinkin’ wave piercing bow

  19. Pete 7 months ago

    I’ve had enough fun for today — I think I’ll head in!

  20. Eben Kermit 7 months ago

    Vang ON! Nope. Vang OFF! Dang something’s gone amiss…

  21. Mark Erdrich 7 months ago

    Work continues on the development of the revolutionary Anti-Foiling mechanism .

  22. Chris Lippi 7 months ago

    Who put that class 1 rapid here?

  23. Dave Peterson 6 months ago

    Preparing to either round the mark or go under it.

  24. Al Sargent (his dad) 3 months ago

    One ping only!

  25. Al Sargent 3 months ago

    Also… who thinks this would make an awesome Latitude cover?

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