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  1. Brian. Richards 3 years ago

    Is that the Commodores preambulator?

  2. Bill Andrew 3 years ago

    Meet the pram 26, the ultimate shallow draft pocket cruiser!

  3. Art Ewart 3 years ago

    le bébé amphibien

  4. Rosann Allenbaugh 3 years ago

    Drought Sailing! Climate change be damned!

  5. David Britton 3 years ago

    My baby!

  6. JOE MOORE 3 years ago

    honey, have you seen the baby????!!!!

  7. Ron Piotrowski 3 years ago

    ?Rock a boat baby?

  8. Mark McNearney 3 years ago

    After reading the ad again, John realized the term “trailerable yacht” was a bit misleading…..

  9. Ed Neiman 3 years ago

    Lydia was very young when she decided to retire from her responsibilities and sail around the world.

  10. Gene 3 years ago

    With apologies to Paul Trap, who writes the Thatababy comic,

    Thar she blorks!

  11. Mark LeVander 3 years ago

    Every few years these wind powered baby buggies try to make a comeback

  12. Mark Caplin 3 years ago

    The Travelocity gnome decides to head out on his own, sailing his rubber baby buggy bumper…

  13. David Cohan 3 years ago

    Introducing the carbon-free, wind-powered, 21st century version of Chitty Chitty Bang Bang!

  14. Bob Scholl 3 years ago

    Hi, I’m three. Just got my training wheels!

  15. Lauren 3 years ago

    Best eco-friendly, self-steering baby buggy ever!

  16. Scott Henry 3 years ago

    And the winner for the most elaborate launching cradle is…

  17. John Tennyson 3 years ago

    Cap’n Nat was disappointed to learn that his latest design was faster on its test rig than it was in Narraganset Bay.

  18. Bill 3 years ago

    Original Amphi Car mock-up

  19. Peter Metcalf 3 years ago

    Where am I?

  20. Deirdre Collins 3 years ago

    Introducing The Galway Hooker Pram! It really gets around!

  21. Jacob 3 years ago

    Wife: we need to sell the boat and get a car.

  22. Heartland Honey 3 years ago

    Rubber baby buggy bumpers?!? I said put out the fenders!!!

  23. R.Gray 3 years ago

    The christening of the Thumbelina is set to be a small affair.

  24. Jim Gossman 3 years ago

    Gotta start learnin’ them bilge rats young.

  25. Dale E Land 3 years ago

    Very simply it’s a Dune Buggy!

  26. Bill Willcox 3 years ago

    Training wheels? We don’t need no stinking training wheels!

  27. Dennis Bailey 3 years ago

    Pretty cool, but can it fly?

  28. Dave Peterson 3 years ago

    When I grow up I’m going to grow another mast and be a Schooner!

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