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July’s Caption Contest(!) Is Here!

Here we go folks! It’s July’s Caption Contest(!) time.

We love sailing for many reasons, one of which is the crazy perspectives that can sometimes be captured by the lens. And … Go!

Caption Contest(!) - July, 21.
Your caption here.
© 2021 Janie Allan Noon

Thank you to Janie Allan Noon for this photo, taken during the AMSS / SDYC Kettenburg & Classic Yacht Regatta, June 26, 2021.


  1. Bill Andrew 3 years ago

    The latest development in foiling… no hull, and the crew all wear snorkles.

  2. Ants Uiga 3 years ago

    Semi-stealth submarine with wind power

  3. David Cohan 3 years ago

    1. “I know deck-sweeping sails are more efficient, but isn’t this carrying it a tad too far?”

    2. “Steady at periscope depth Captain; wind propulsion mode engaged.”

  4. Mike winter 3 years ago

    Leave a little room between the sail and deck for green water!

  5. Charles Sanford 3 years ago

    We are still working on a few bugs in her self-righting.
    Maybe we should have checked the thru-hulls?
    There’s nothing quite as inspiring when the sails fill with an ocean breeze.

  6. Bud Kerner 3 years ago

    Hey,reverse works!

  7. Colin McBride 3 years ago

    Rake the mast forward, and lower the hull!

  8. JOE MOORE 3 years ago


  9. Kelvin D. Meeks 3 years ago

    Captain Nemo’s less-bright brother (Biff) was jealous of all the attention he received. His short-lived attempt at fame – an experiment with wind-powered submersibles – ended in disaster. RIP Biff.

  10. Harrison 3 years ago

    I didn’t realize the weight limit was a real thing

  11. Jeff Kise 3 years ago

    A swell day for a sail!

  12. Gary A Green 3 years ago

    Ok, who put the foils on upside down…

  13. Scott Henry 3 years ago

    The worlds first racing sail submarine is a go!

  14. Nikk White 3 years ago

    Is this the lever for the foils? Ops

  15. Mark Wheeles 3 years ago

    See? I told you it’s not impossible to submarine your sailboat.

  16. Kim 3 years ago

    I said tack !!!!

  17. Sarah Neighbours 3 years ago

    Where the frig is Sprig?

  18. Greg Stewart 3 years ago

    Wrong spinnaker for the reach leg of an old school Olympic triangle.

    I was there …steering… and hating the loads on this full size runner.


    • Janie Allan Noon 3 years ago

      Greg – You were AWESOME as always! It was a SWELL day for a race, and happy to add SPRIG to my SUBMARINER Series. I also captured RORY in the trough on the same weekend. You and SPRIG are always in my sights for a great photo!

  19. William Huber 3 years ago

    All swell that end swell!

    • Janie Allan Noon 3 years ago

      You caught it! I was racing on CHIMAERA, a few troughs over – and love adding our wooden beauties to my SUBMARINER series! I have caught 3 schooners, a 10 metre, a Spirit of Tradition custom, and a few more.

  20. Jay 3 years ago

    Broach City!

  21. John Arndt 3 years ago

    From Jay West, “Broach City”

  22. Eric 3 years ago

    I said to HEAD down!

  23. Pat McIntosh 3 years ago

    new attempt in getting additional waterline length and beat a lousy rating.

  24. Paul Warren 3 years ago

    Although great for the environment, this new submarine class is slightly less stealth.

  25. Ed Neiman 3 years ago

    Which one of you said… “Dive, Dive”?

  26. Tom Walchli 3 years ago

    I think we might need a re cut on the light #1.
    Looks a bit bellied.

  27. John Bishop 3 years ago

    A rising tide does NOT lift all boats.

  28. Pat Broderick 3 years ago

    The sailmaker said, “Get a photo of the new sails for the ad.”

  29. Dave Peterson 3 years ago

    I said douse the spinnaker; I meant just take it down, not plunge it into the ocean!

  30. Mark caplin 3 years ago

    Missing: One sail boat. If found please email: [email protected]

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