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Caption Contest(!)

It’s Caption Contest(!) time, and here is your September challenge:

Caption Contest(!)
‘Your caption here’
© 2020 Brian Boschma

Thanks very much to Brian for the photo. Brian also gave us the background on this pic, but we’ll save that for when we announce the winner and top 10 comments in the October magazine

Good luck!


  1. Laird Henkel 2 years ago

    “Okay honey, I think that’s more than 100 feet of defensible space now.”

  2. Whitey Bluestein 2 years ago

    How to jumpstart the furnace on a houseboat.

  3. Stephen Heineman 2 years ago

    Hey! Isn’t that our house?

  4. Gary Green 2 years ago

    Moving day is such a pain….

  5. Craig Alger 2 years ago

    It is time to get out of California?

  6. Jeff Cook 2 years ago

    Whoa, it was solid ice when we started out.

  7. Peter Bennett 2 years ago

    We wanted waterfront property

  8. Don Grinberg 2 years ago

    Headed to Sausalito?

  9. John 2 years ago

    When the listing states waterfront property, don’t settle.

  10. Dave 2 years ago

    Um, honey, did you forget to turn off the sprinklers?

  11. Andrea 2 years ago

    Going with the flow…

  12. Greg Buechler 2 years ago

    House – Boat

  13. Bill Chase 2 years ago

    Yes, I’ve heard of aft cabins….

  14. William Huber 2 years ago

    For Sale: Waterfront (…and back and sides) Home with expansive bay views, sunken living room!

  15. Charles Naslund 2 years ago

    You forgot to untie the dock line again…

  16. Brad Kerstetter 2 years ago

    Bob cursed himself for never learning a proper cleat hitch!

  17. Jaimie 2 years ago

    Were we not supposed to take ALL of our belongings during the evacuation?

  18. Rodger Meads 2 years ago

    Those houseboats get larger every year!!

  19. Trisha 2 years ago

    Honey I don’t think the sump pump is working!!

  20. Mark LeVander 2 years ago

    This neighborhood gentrification idea has gone too far

  21. Alice Cochran 2 years ago

    “Oh give me a home, where the. lobster boats roam…”

  22. Mark Werder 2 years ago

    Really maxed out the dimensions of this new box design rule.

  23. Kelvin D. Meeks 2 years ago

    How Mountain Men prepare for evacuation from forest fires. Billy Bob admitted, getting to the water was the tricky part.

  24. Gary Warren 2 years ago

    Cutter rig or yawl?

  25. Andy 2 years ago

    Dorothy’s twin sister’s house landed a bit further away…

  26. Fred Hodgson 2 years ago

    She said, your house or mine

  27. Bill Andrew 2 years ago

    After an unfortunate dismasting the Jones’s had to be towed in.

  28. Tom 2 years ago

    Free house. Must relocate.

  29. Mark Bettis 2 years ago

    I finally find a boat my wife likes, and it still has to get towed!

  30. James 2 years ago

    Cardi B’s WAP strikes again

  31. Tim Johnson 2 years ago

    A Tow Story House…

  32. Dana 2 years ago

    Tender envy gone wrong

  33. Peter Metcalf 2 years ago

    Oh, I guess we could wait another day to walk the dogs.

  34. Peter Metcalf 2 years ago

    I had the most vivid dream last night.

  35. Cecile Schwedes 2 years ago

    ‘Just movin’ over seas.

  36. Cecile Schwedes 2 years ago

    Location, Location, Location!

  37. Kathi Fournier 2 years ago

    What the new “Stay at Home“ order looks like.

  38. Kristen S. 2 years ago

    Climate change IS real, damn it!!

  39. Paul Dennis 2 years ago

    My home is where my heart is!

  40. Rosann Allenbaugh 2 years ago

    I finally got fire insurance and then my flood insurance was cancelled!

  41. Bill Willcox 2 years ago

    Who says houses are illiquid assets?

  42. Garry Domnisse 2 years ago

    See you tonight, I wii be home for dinner

  43. Jim Adams 2 years ago

    You cannot make it to second base if you don’t take your foot off of first…

  44. Dan B. 2 years ago

    “You said climate change was a joke……now look at us !!!!”

  45. Shelly B 2 years ago

    Where are we towing this to?

  46. John Perreault 2 years ago

    Now that’s a high tide!

  47. Greg Clausen 2 years ago

    Property tax? We don’t need no stinking property taxes

  48. Gregory Ross 2 years ago

    Martha when you said this was a new ‘listing’ I now know what you meant.

  49. Nikk White 2 years ago

    Nice dinghy

  50. Karen Allanson 2 years ago

    I’ve heard boats referred to as “floating real estate,” but…

  51. Jan Passion 2 years ago

    Well, there goes the neighborhood.

  52. Rich Brazil 2 years ago

    Honey, if we take up boating, what will we do with the house?

  53. Kent Carter 2 years ago

    “Sittin’ in a house on the Bay…”

  54. Gina Stenberg 2 years ago

    Can’t leave home without it!

  55. Daniel Casey 2 years ago

    Damn, I should have hired a better divorce attorney!

  56. Don Cavers 2 years ago

    Just physical distancing from the neighbors.

  57. Ron Odenheimer 2 years ago

    We needed to float a loan

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