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  1. Simon JAMES 4 years ago

    #1: Hey skipper your new manual outhaul system is awesome!
    #2: Honey. . . do . . . NOT . . . ease . . . the . . . mainsheet!

    • Brian Forster 4 years ago

      “….jibe ho….”!

  2. John Reiter 4 years ago

    And now breaking news from the “What Could Possibly Go Wrong Department”

  3. Stanton Stanton 4 years ago

    “MAN, I LOVE MY BOAT !!!”

  4. Rosann Allenbaugh 4 years ago

    The power of wishful thinking at work!

  5. William Huber 4 years ago


  6. Wayne Huber 4 years ago

    ” My sex life was never the same after this ! “

  7. Jan Grygier 4 years ago

    It may be one hand for the boat, but it’s two balls for the boom.

  8. Jan Passion 4 years ago

    Ready about?

  9. Mark Wheeles 4 years ago

    Let’s blow the main sheet and see what happens !

  10. Rich Jepsen 4 years ago

    Bad enough Bob’s boat lost its mojo with that roller furling main, But, he’s about to lose his.

  11. Bruce Tomlinson 4 years ago

    Hey, where’s your mask?

  12. Kent Carter 4 years ago

    The moment before the accidental gybe…

  13. Bill Nork 4 years ago

    Oops, my bad, I thought the main was loose footed!

  14. Frank Jesse 4 years ago

    Now available: Continuously variable outhaul.

  15. Brian Beers 4 years ago

    A sailors vasectomy.

  16. David Allocco 4 years ago

    Introducing the latest trend in Wishbone Boom design.

    • Tony M Spooner 4 years ago

      A “Wish bone”, that’s funny.

  17. Andrew Rosen 4 years ago

    Putting something exciting between your legs.

  18. David Hume 4 years ago

    “Robby, it’s not a windsurfer, you don’t have to hold the sail up”

  19. Bill Bohmer 4 years ago

    Ride, Captain, Ride!

  20. Dan Brenny 4 years ago

    1. Hey Bob, what could go wrong?

  21. Gil Davidson 4 years ago

    Now, I’ll just unclip this topping lift….

  22. Cecile Schwedes 4 years ago

    ‘Shouldn’t have put this sail in the dryer!

  23. Arnold Oliver 4 years ago

    Prepare to jibe !!

  24. Mark LeVander 4 years ago

    Is this how you find a clew?

  25. Peter Metcalf 4 years ago

    I go where the wind blows.

  26. Bob Sator 4 years ago

    Boom Crotch!

  27. Davis Allocco 4 years ago

    As they say in England, “Mind the Gap!”

  28. Doug Price 4 years ago

    is that a boom in your pocket or are you just happy to see me?

  29. Brad Belleville 4 years ago

    “Just one more inch!”

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