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Caption Contest(!)

Here’s your May Caption Contest(!), shot by Latitudian Mark Bettis.

Your caption here.
© 2020 Mark Bettis

Please comment below, and be sure to check the June issue of Latitude 38 for the winner.


  1. PJ Landresse 4 years ago

    Safety at sea

    • Danny Webb 4 years ago

      What about BOB Im sailing

  2. Frank Jesse 4 years ago

    You never outgrow safety – been using this jacket for 30+ years!

  3. Frank Jesse 4 years ago

    A dry beard is the priority!

  4. Greg Clausen 4 years ago

    My jib is gone but I now have tons of masks .

  5. Mark LeVander 4 years ago

    I’ve been wearing this lifepreserver since I was a little boy, and it still fits!

  6. David Hume 4 years ago

    Social distancing at sea. “Come on love, it’s your turn at the pointy end”

  7. Rosann Allenbaugh 4 years ago

    Hey Honey, if you want to be part of the crew you have to take one for the team.

  8. [email protected] 4 years ago

    Yes, my varnish needs some work.

  9. Linda Newland 4 years ago

    I’m downsizing my life including my PFD.

  10. Mark Wheeles 4 years ago

    Not infecting ocean critters !

  11. Valerie Gillen 4 years ago

    Sun stripping, an excellent way to get the teak ready to varnish!

  12. William Crowley 4 years ago

    DO AS I DO – NOT AS I SAY! Never leave your anchorage without an alternate means of propulsion. Since the jib is AWOL, let’s get the sail cover off the main before we get underway!

  13. Kent Carter 4 years ago

    Damn pandemic has caused a shortage of every PFD size except small!

  14. Tim Johnson 4 years ago

    Saving Face

  15. Bobby Axlerod 4 years ago

    I’m going to start on the brightwork as soon as we get back to the dock……

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