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  1. bruce adornato 4 months ago

    we’re looking for a long boatramp

  2. Rosann Allenbaugh 4 months ago

    Jeff Foxworthy’s new Solar Powered car. Eat your heart out Tesla owners!

  3. Joe Perez 4 months ago


    • James Cate 4 months ago

      Hey! Did you feel a bump? I think we’re aground.

  4. Joe Perez 4 months ago

    Can’t do this with a monohull

  5. Jeff Deuel 4 months ago

    I’m tellin’ ya babe-as soon as we hit YouTube, the Patreon dollars are going to start ROLLING in!!!

  6. Candy 4 months ago

    Honey, I think there might be a problem backing down the boat ramp far enough to float the boat…

  7. Steve 4 months ago

    “We’ll use the car as ballast and the keel…”

  8. David Miller 4 months ago

    Can we keep it? Honest it just followed me home.

  9. Kelvin D. Meeks 4 months ago

    “Gives a whole new meaning to that phrase: ‘Nothing goes to windward like a…'”

  10. Jim Tull 4 months ago

    I told you there is no way I’m taking any damn road trip without my Miss Cindy!

  11. David Hume 4 months ago

    “I like the flexibility of a motorsailer”

  12. Bill Huber 4 months ago

    Red Green and his Amphibious Car, headed for the Sea Trial.

  13. Jeff Jorgensen 4 months ago

    Just finished building, looking for water to follow that dream…

  14. Mark W 4 months ago

    Clark, I don’t think we’re supposed to take the Wallyworld boats with us.

  15. Sheila Mckinnon 4 months ago

    Hey kids!
    Honey ………

  16. Byron Jacobs 4 months ago

    This scientifically engineered spoiler is guaranteed to keep all four wheels firmly on the ground…

  17. Philip Nicholls 4 months ago

    Its an easy launch honey. One of us on each side to lift it off and drop it in the water.

  18. Brian Richards 4 months ago

    Getting it on top was the hard part. Getting it down will be easy since we just put new brakes on the Vista Cruiser.

  19. Lee 4 months ago

    Got room for one more?

  20. Larry snow 4 months ago

    65 mph barnacle. Who knew?

  21. Crazy Horse 4 months ago

    We were just driving through Nevada when we saw this sign that said Area 51—

  22. Shelly 4 months ago

    Dontcha just LUV these new ultra-light catamarans. No trailer required!

  23. Jerry Shell 4 months ago

    Honey, I KNOW the apparent wind moves forward, but it’s STILL too much windage going over the Bay Bridges!

  24. Karen 4 months ago

    Deploying landing gear for our approach to the airstrip.

  25. Rachel A Porter 4 months ago

    Driving Miss Cindy

  26. Patrick Saunders 4 months ago

    We’ve upgraded our “Sailing on the hard” technique.

  27. Dave Peterson 4 months ago

    Early attempt at hybrid car technology.

  28. Scott Traber 4 months ago

    You can’t Miss Cindy

  29. Luther Abel 4 months ago

    Early attempt at a foiling catamaran??

  30. Dennis Bailey 4 months ago

    Quick! Hard right and lock’em up. Let’s see how she flies.

  31. Mike Collins 4 months ago

    Honey, next time lets just rent a camper or now that’s VMG…….. Lived in the bay area for 12 years, do miss it at times. We had three boats there, a Pearson Triton,Cal 34 and a Cal 39. Used to crew on the old Bear boats.

  32. J Myers 4 months ago

    “Honey, was that a cop back there….??”

  33. Scott Henry 4 months ago

    Hey Honey, what’s our air draft? Bridge coming up.

  34. JEFFREY MORAN 1 month ago

    “WALKING – THE – PLANK” at 70 m.p.h. is REAL TORTURE!!!

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