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  1. Bud Snow 2 weeks ago

    Are you sure that boats in New Zeeland sail this way?

  2. Dude! I thought you called it Uber! 2 weeks ago

    Dude! I thought you called it Uber!

  3. Dennis Olson 2 weeks ago

    “don’t you think we might be more stable in this position?”

  4. jeff drust 2 weeks ago

    This is more extra sensory perception than I wanted…

  5. Bagley 2 weeks ago

    Pan pan, pan pan, pan pan. Be on the look out for two mediums at large ….

  6. Sheila Mckinnon 2 weeks ago

    A little more to the left should do it!

  7. Phil Boggs 2 weeks ago

    Oh No! Great Whites, really are WHITE!!

  8. Bill Cartwright 2 weeks ago

    Bottoms up Good Buddy! Looks like we’ve been keel hauled.

  9. Tyler Heerwagen 2 weeks ago

    Let me steer for awhile!

  10. Maxwell A Graham 2 weeks ago

    The other boats are going much faster than us! What are they doing differently?

  11. Dwight Heirendt 2 weeks ago

    I think you pull this way to go left

  12. Fred 2 weeks ago

    Thank god this white submarine came along! I was getting cold…

  13. Phil Kinnison 2 weeks ago


  14. Dale Land 2 weeks ago

    I believe we are out of the running in today’s race!

  15. Bill Huber 2 weeks ago

    Irse por ojo, o en Inglès, pitch pole, es lo mismo, ¿No?

  16. Bob Scholl 2 weeks ago

    You think the sails are clean enough now?

  17. BeverlyG 2 weeks ago

    I’d rather be golfing.

  18. Bob C. 2 weeks ago

    Are you sure the sailing instructions said “this side up”?

  19. AndyK 2 weeks ago

    Do you see any land?

  20. John Larsen 2 weeks ago

    ESP? – should have seen it coming.

  21. Dan Brenny 2 weeks ago

    I hate when this happens, but I think I see Cabo!!! Pacifico please.

  22. Peter Phelan 2 weeks ago

    You no the Armada did not make it to England also

  23. Scott Henry 2 weeks ago

    I think these storm sails are too small for this boat…

  24. Mike Grant 1 week ago

    Like your boat. The mast is a little short but the rudder and keel are huge!

  25. Ken R 1 week ago

    “Meh, these Falcon Heavies are way less impressive up close.”

  26. Terri Hand 1 week ago

    Don’t keel over when the going gets rough…keep it on the sunny side!

  27. Marcel Bodsky 1 week ago

    Should we pull in the next reef??

  28. Mark Koitmaa 1 week ago

    I thought we’d never capture the white whale – so now what?

  29. Gary Starkey 1 week ago

    “I thought YOU had the ditch bag”

  30. Paul Brogger 1 week ago

    We stretched the envelope with our wing-sail yawl concept — now for “rightsizing”.

  31. Rosann Allenbaugh 1 week ago

    I keep hearing the names Gilligan, Mary Ann and someone called the Professor. Does that mean anything?

  32. Nick Danger 1 week ago

    Why does my paddle board get so excited every time we loose the paddel?

  33. Mark Bettis 1 week ago

    Dude, really, I only asked you what cap size you wear!

  34. Will Burkhart 5 days ago

    Sail 470s they said… it’ll be fun they said

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