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Boats Aground and Half-Sunk

After the first full-on winter storm blew through town last week, there seems to be a bit of carnage in its wake — though not necessarily related to the tempest itself.

On Friday, “A sailor took his vessel out on a rough day after the rain to ‘dry her out,'” according to Stefan Berlinski, who sails his Santana 22 Hamachi out of Santa Cruz. “The gale warnings were reduced to a small craft advisory.” But . . .

“The lifeguards and [people from the] State Park landed a swimmer from TowBoatUS,” Stefan Berlinski wrote us.
© 2018 Stefan Berlinski
“Big swells in the Moss Landing Harbor entrance swamped [this sailor’s] outboard, the only auxiliary. It was windy enough that his halyard fouled and jammed so he couldn’t sail.”

“A steady pull by the tow boat spun her around.”
© 2018 Stefan Berlinski

“He got on the beach with a minor laceration to the head. A good landing is one you can walk away from. This was a great landing. The vessel was reusable.”

“Foot by foot, the waves flipped and floated her; floating off with the swimmer onboard.”
© 2018 Stefan Berlinski

In Other Unrelated Carnage . . .

Larry Radcliffe spotted this detritus about a third of a mile north of the Santa Fe railroad terminus in Point Richmond. The boat off has apparently been floating near Keller Cove for a long time — since summer at least, according to some of our staff.

No, it’s not a whale. It’s a boat. At least, it was a boat.
© 2018 Larry Radcliffe

“It was spotted in about 10 feet of water Friday afternoon,”  Larry Radcliffe said. “The  Coast Guard was informed.”

We’re going to do a little forensics here: Given the scummy growth on this boat, it looks like it’s been floating in this position for a while.
© 2018 Larry Radcliffe

Did you find anything weird beached or floating in the Bay after the rain cleared out? Please comment below, or email us here, and please be sure to include your boat name, make and port of call.

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  1. David Hammer 5 years ago

    As I assume several sailors have already reported, the bow of the boat jutting out of the water just north of the Richmond Harbor channel entrance has been there since about last January. Local sailors have been wondering when it will be removed. It is a hazard to navigation for small boats.

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