Blind Sailors ‘Sense the Wind’

A one-hour documentary, called Sense the Wind, which follows the journey of four blind sailors, has been released to the general public. "The independent film project began when I brought a camera to the Courageous Sailing docks in 2009 and began a long challenging ride, continuing beyond its 2015 completion," writes Christine Knowlton, the documentary’s producer and director. "This fall concluded two years and 42 festival and filmmaker presentations coast to coast and across continents."

Courageous Sailing is based in Boston, but blind sailors ply the waters of San Francisco Bay as well, out of Island Yacht Club in Alameda, Treasure Island Sailing Center, Marin Sailing School and Bay Area Association of Disabled Sailors (BAADS) in San Francisco’s South Beach Harbor.

A trailer for the movie can be found at

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Sense the Wind is available through iTunes, Amazon and Kunaki DVD on Demand.

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