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Big Brother Run Amok

We knew sailors were an opinionated bunch but you guys really had some things to say regarding Monday’s report that Homeland Security wants to initiate bomb searches on rec boats:

"This administration is doing everything it can to create a police state, using the pretext of protecting us from terrorism. The terrorists who are the most likely to cause us harm are in D.C., mainly in the White House." — Jeff Hoffman

"We do not need this becoming another ‘airport security sieve’ wherein the huge effort at inspection and control becomes clearly futile, judging from the tests that have been run. It provides another deterrent where none exists, but is clearly not a failsafe answer." — John McNeill

"Another way for someone in a uniform to harass and terrorize the recreational boater. A big waste of taxpayer money. How are they going to control small radio controlled model boats (like a drone) from doing harm?" — Klaus Kutz

"The concept of Big Brother boarding my boat for no reason except that I might be a terrorist is absurd and frightening." — Steve Morrow

"My son and I were in our kayak in the Oakland Estuary near Coast Guard Island when I realized we were being tracked by somebody with big binoculars on one of the Coast Guard cutters. We were well out in the channel – not headed their way – but it was creepy." — Paul Burnett

"There may be some minute truth to this, however why doesn’t Homeland Security deal with more realistic threats, like what if those terrorists figured a way to stuff a nuclear bomb up the ass of a turkey? It would be hell trying to get all those gobblers screened in time for Thanksgiving." — Jerry Metheany

"Security measures do indeed need to be adopted, but tactfully so as not to supplant our freedom. The terrorists have won yet one more time, not by attacking our shores, but by breaching our civil liberties, the real fabric of America." — Marc Longwood

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The Grand Poobah sent in the following succinct report: "At the start of Leg 3, with 160+ boats and more than 600 people, having too much fun to write.
While Johnny Depp is charming as Captain Jack Sparrow, he may be having a bad influence on Florida’s thieves.