Beyond The World Series

There is more green on the baseball field in Turtle Bay than in the rest of Baja — minus the Cabo golf courses — combined.

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Don’t think baseball season will end in late October with the San Francisco Giants winning their third World Series in five years. No, not with the Baja Ha-Ha’s Intergalactic ‘No Star’ game at Turtle Bay on Saturday, October 31.

The ‘No Star Game’ is one of the most fun events in the Ha-Ha, thanks to special rules. Because of underhand pitches at least every 15 seconds, it’s not boring like regular baseball. Everybody gets to bat dozens of times. And if you can’t hit a lick, no worries; the pitcher will hit your bat for you with his pitches. Nobody strikes out. Usually there are 20 to 30 people on the field. Because of the overlap, beer drinking is not only allowed during the game, but in the game, too.

The Baja Ha-Ha No-Star Game, the way baseball is meant to be played. 

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As was reported earlier this year, tiny Turtle Bay has dramatically upgraded from a dusty field to one covered with brilliant green AstroTurf. Thanks to the remnants of hurricane Simone that are about to drench the field, the turf should be more fresh-looking than ever. All the baseball-mad kids of Turtle Bay need is more equipment. If your season is over and you’ve got leftover gloves, bats, hats, helmets or whatever, we would love to be able to pass them out. Email us here.

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