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State Proposes Ban on Sailing

Because of continued ensnarement in environmental litigation, skyrocketing costs of waterfront real estate, and dogged declining participation in both the sport and lifestyle of sailing, a group of lawmakers has quietly been discussing an outright ban on recreational boating in San Francisco Bay. While seemingly extreme in its breadth, the proposal may become a model for the entire West Coast. The group of state and local officials, which spoke to Latitude on the condition of anonymity and has not yet formally announced its plans, told us that they’ve been crafting a bill that would effectively make West Coast waters off-limits to recreational sailors. (It’s not clear what restrictions, if any, would be placed on commercial fishing or shipping vessels.)

“We’ve been looking at making some very tough choices,” said the head of the clandestine cabal, who’s been a longtime Bay Area lawmaker. “This isn’t ideal, but when you start to look at the issues facing the Bay, and the issues facing sailing, we see it as a viable option to protect the Bay for future generations.”

Dissenters within this group of lawmakers immediately raised the question of what, exactly, “protecting the Bay for future generations” entails if it’s completely off limits. A member of the BCDC who sits on the group immediately pointed to the proliferation of paths around the Bay. “Access has never been greater,” said the BCDC official.

A boatless Bay? To be fair, that has been the norm for a while now. But if a group of lawmakers has their way, boats may soon be banned alltogether.
© 2019 Latitude 38 Media LLC / Tim

According to one source, an important factor in the group of lawmakers’ thinking was the declining interest in sailing, especially among younger generations. “It’s complicated and therefore expensive for taxpayers to fund well-regulated recreational boating infrastructure. And increasingly, it seems like this infrastructure is there for a decreasing number of people. Would you keep building roads in sensitive habitats if only a small handful of people were driving?”

That same official also said that, with the perception of sailing — or yachting, as they made sure to call it — as an elitist sport, there was little to no support from the community at large. “In the ’70s and ’80s, sailing was a real middle class thing to do. Well, there’s not much of a middle-class anymore!”

The BCDC official interrupted to further emphasize the importance of paths: “You can see the Bay from Marin, you can see the Bay from the East Bay, you can even see the Bay from Redwood City, now that the pesky, award-winning harbor — you know the one I’m talking about — has finally come into compliance. The ability to admire the Bay from a distance has never been greater.”

It’s important to note that while dire in scope, the proposal by the group of lawmakers is just that — a suggestion that, at the moment, has no official bearing. But the writing is certainly on the well-regulated, interagency managed wall. If we, as sailors, are to have our say, we’d better say so.

In Other News: East Brother Light Station to be Replaced by App

We’ve also been made privy to a Federal Government proposal to remove the East Brother Light Station from San Rafael Bay and replace it with an app.

It will be sad to see East Brother Light Station go, but who are we to stand in the way of progress and innovation?
© 2019 Latitude 38 Media LLC / Tim

Lighthouses and foghorns may be going the way of the dodo — they’re expensive, bulky and cumbersome, and often difficult to maintain. In the digital age, maritime officials see no need to perpetuate archaic technology when a simple app can do the trick.

“If we replace a big lighthouse with a digital alternative, then everyone’s life gets easier,” said John McJohnersonsen of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA). The proposal calls for the immediate razing of the historic hight station, though it’s not clear if an “app,” or another type of Internet service, would be physically installed in its place. “There have also been proposals for an AccuWeather station or office at the old site,” said McJohnersonsen, “where you can dock, tie up, and go buy a subscription to that company’s service.”

Sailing’s version of a spit-take. The first tests to alter navigation aids in San Rafael Bay had less-than-desirable results.
© 2019 @sailcasey

When asked what sailors without smartphones would do to navigate in inclement weather, McJohnersonsen asked, “There’s people without smartphones?”

Federal Government Recommends Lowering Seawalls to Taunt Climate Change

The federal government is considering lowering the height of seawalls and downgrading other infrastructure in a direct challenge to the veracity of climate change. “If climate change is so real, then we think it’s time for it to show up and deliver on all of these dire predictions,” said Joe Bethersonton, a former manager at a used-car dealership who was recently appointed head of climate science and research at NASA.

“And if climate change is real, then we don’t think we should pamper our waterfronts. It’s time for streets, bridges and waterfront businesses to toughen up, take it on the chin, and show ‘climate change’ who’s boss,”  Bethersonton said, doing “climate change” in air quotes. The NASA official went on to cite the fact that winter remains cold and summers continue to be hot as obvious, clear-cut evidence that climate change is an undeniable hoax. “And nights are still dark, while the days are sunny. If mankind were really ‘changing’ [air quotes] the weather, then wouldn’t time get all screwy, too?”

Bethersonton cut our interview short because of a subpoena to appear before Congress over ethics violations.

April Fools, Latitude Nation. These three stories are entirely fabricated, and any resemblance to the truth is purely coincidental, even if not entirely far-fetched.


  1. Richard Jepsen 5 years ago

    OK, got me on the first one, but the second one exposed you for the mean, mean person you are! Ha! Just Kidding!

    • Ross Angel 5 years ago

      absolutely insane reading… problem is under the leadership of moonbeam Brown and now his sidekick Gavin Newsome… read these with heightened alarm as in a sense of ‘the inmates are running the asylum’ and nurse Cratchett is nowhere to be found… luckily I read the fine print at the bottom of the article… cheers… RA

  2. Janis Couvreux 5 years ago

    I was totally outraged, until…Well done.

  3. Gary Green 5 years ago

    Ha, ha, ha…..

  4. Ken Quenzer 5 years ago

    It’s not that easy to get me, but you did. I’m relieved.

  5. Gus van Driel 5 years ago

    LOVED that satirical article! Soooo humorous and yet with a ring of truth considering all the nonsense we have had to deal with recently (i.e. the new marina issue).

  6. Pat McIntosh 5 years ago

    Dang, it sure is tough walking around with one leg a TON longer than the other one! I’m just starting to catch my breath from that first story!

    • August van Driel 5 years ago

      Love your creative response Pat! LOL

    • Gus van Driel 5 years ago

      Pat, I loved your witty response! LOL

  7. diane 5 years ago

    OMFg- these people are CRAZY INSANE DELUSIONAL AND BATS!!!!!! We can’t let this happen!! It’s government trying to take all the joy of our bay area away from us!!! Fire these insane lawmakers!!!!

    • Tim Henry 5 years ago

      Diane — Please make sure to read the entire piece down to the bottom!

  8. Dick Sullivan 5 years ago

    That is the best since KFOG went a new format of “All Show Tunes, All The Time.”
    I’m so gulable. I heard they took that word out of the dictionary. Really ? Ha!
    Thanks for the grins but you got me good on the first one.

  9. Bernard Portet 5 years ago

    Very, very good! You got me nearly to the end!!!! Until I remembered today’s date!

  10. Maurice Lieberman 5 years ago

    It’s like Orson Wells’s “War of the Worlds” broadcast back in the 1930’s. Almost believable considering the idiots that are in charge of running our government today! It got me goign until the end. Most importantly it makes you think what might be pssible if polititions are given too much power over us.

  11. Agustin 5 years ago

    I work in an industry that BCDC has some regulatory inheritance. This is first hand. We pay them, and they can be “splendid” even when they dont know what they are talking about.

  12. Robert Gosnell 5 years ago

    Got me, upsetting it was!!!!!

  13. Janice Degan 5 years ago

    I was horrified reading this and all it might portend for the future of our beautiful country. Been following the GGR and so impressed with the global interest and support in this challenging and exciting race! Thank God I stuck with it until the end – much relief! Sad thing is – in these times – it was possibly true!

  14. KEN WADSWORTH 5 years ago

    Man, you got me… i read the first one and was so mad i had nightmares all night about this and i went back to the article and read it all! man u got me… time for some payback!!!

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