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Baja Ha-Ha; ‘Below Deck’; Joke of the Day

A Sneak Peak at Baja Ha-Ha XXVII

In the spirit of things already feeling like summer — and even fall — here in California, we thought we’d take a quick look at Baja Ha-Ha XXVII (that’s 27 for those of you who don’t speak Roman.)

“This year’s Ha-Ha starts with the Costume Kick-Off Party on November 1 and ends with the awards party on November 14. Entries will begin being accepted at midnight on May 8,” said the Grand Poobah and Latitude 38 founder Richard Spindler.

Mark your calendars, people.

Sailing Has Made it into Reality TV. Great

OK, so, just admit it. How many of you watch the reality TV show Below Deck? Hey, we’ll admit that the *docu-series has occasionally been on our list of guilty pleasures over the years. No, we’re not regular viewers or even fans, but reality TV is like boxed wine. It’s not that good, but you can’t stop pouring more before you have a splitting headache and deeply regret the decisions you’ve made. (And, oh yeah, we should have put an asterisk next to ‘reality TV’ as well — there is nothing real about these shows. They are contrived to create drama and tension, or to put young, good looking people in a hot tub in the hopes that nature takes its course in front of the camera. [More on that *docu-series asterisk in a minute.])

We are only mentioning Below Deck here and now because the show is in its second charter season aboard Parsifal III, a 177-ft, Ron Holland-designed, Perini Navi-built superyacht.

The beautiful Parsifal III has been sailing in some dramatic waters.
© 2020

So there’s a sailboat on Below Deck now. Great.

But we’re bringing up the show for another reason. A friend of Latitude — an accomplished bluewater singlehander — was recently approached by Below Deck‘s casting department. “Hi! I’m casting the next season of Below Deck Sailing Yacht,” the email read. “Not sure if you’re familiar, but Below Deck is a docu-series that follows a group of experienced yachties that are working and living about a luxurious mega-yacht. It’s a six-week paid gig, and I’m looking to casting all positions! You look amazing, so we wanted to see if you’d be interested in chatting. If you’re booked but know [of] someone who might be a good fit, send them [our] way!”

Our friend was amused by the solicitation. “I’m a [redacted] captain,” she said, laughingly using an expletive in good-natured emphasis. “Do you really think I would be interested in being a stewardess on a megayacht!?” Our friend was quick to point out that she respects yachties and stews, but that her life is on a far different trajectory now, and such a position would be a monumental demotion from her current adventure. She also pointed out the term *docu-series. “Really . . .? Isn’t it just reality TV?”

(By way of a disclaimer, we also want to say that several of us here at Latitude have worked on yachts through our sailing careers. And several of us watch reality TV, and enjoy it.)

Bad Pirate Jokes

What do you call a pirate who skips class? Captain Hooky.

What kind of grades does a pirate get in school? High seas.

A skeleton walks into a bar . . . and orders a beer, and a mop.
© 2020 wikipedia

Little Johnny meets a pirate with a wooden leg, a hook, and an eye patch. The boy asks, “Wow Mr. Pirate, what’s the story with your leg, sir?”

The pirate answers: “A shark bit it off.”

Johnny replies, “Cool… and what happened with your hand?” The pirate answers, “Another pirate chopped it off in a sword fight.”

The boys is beyond awed and keeps on, “And what happened to your eye?!” The pirate replies, “Um, a seagull pooped on it.”

The boy is astonished, “Oh boy, you can lose an eye from that?!” The pirate shrugs, “Not normally, but I’d only had the hook for about a day when that happened.”

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  1. CR 4 years ago

    Johnny Depp has signed up for one more Pirate’s of the Caribbean movie. This one is a little different…it’s rated ARRRRR!

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