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Ha-Ha Epilogue

Readers — after having light wind and an even lighter Internet connection, the Grand Poobah has sent this 25th Anniversary Baja Ha-Ha postgame analysis: A quarter century of Baja Ha-Ha’s — the 750-mile cruisers’ rally between San Diego and Cabo San Lucas with R&R stops at Turtle Bay and Bahia Santa Maria — is now part of sailing history. More »


Once again the Grand Poobah of the Baja Ha-Ha is strongly urging people not to buy boats that have current Temporary Import Permits (TIPs) for Mexico, and/or didn’t properly clear out of Mexico. More »

Ha-Ha Registration Deadline Extended

Due to several requests, the Grand Poobah has decided to extend the deadline for entering the 25th Annual Baja Ha-Ha Cruisers Rally from San Diego to Cabo San Lucas. "I’m looking forward to meeting lots of people." said More »

Ta-Ta Question Answered

As we cracked open the pages of the just-delivered May issue of Latitude 38 we were concurrently reminded that the question posed in Sightings regarding the possibility of running the 7th annual SoCal Ta-Ta had already been answered. More »

To Ta-Ta or Not to Ta-Ta?

That is the question. For five of the last six years, Richard Spindler, founder of Latitude 38 and the Baja Ha-Ha, has hosted the SoCal Ta-Ta, ‘Reggae ‘Pon Da Ocean’, a Southern California mini version of the Ha-Ha. More »

Baja Ha-Ha 24 Sealed With a Kiss

Despite the fact that two out of three of the legs in the 750-mile Baja Ha-Ha cruisers rally from San Diego to Cabo San Lucas featured lighter wind than any of the 478 people on the 133 boats would have liked, the event was still a capital-B Blast (and the sailing in the 240-mile second leg was fabulous). More »

Another Charter Option Besides Turkey

"Come on in, the water’s fine!" The waters of Croatia are every bit as lovely as those in Turkey.  Geja
©2017Latitude 38 Media, LLC Now that the squabble between the United States and Turkey has escalated to the point of denying visas to citizens of the respective countries, you may want to rethink plans for a sailing charter in Turkey next summer. More »

Ever Seen Two More Shady Characters?

A couple of shady characters about to walk into an empty Italian restaurant. latitude/Richard
©2017Latitude 38 Media, LLC A guy in a huge pickup truck yelled at me the other night while I, the Wanderer, was walking across Shelter Island Drive, on my way from the San Diego Yacht Club to my 63-ft cat Profligate docked at Driscoll Boat Works. More »

Low Times for a Caribbean Captain

Originally from the eastern Sierra, Peter Whitney has been a friend of Latitude’s since he was aboard the Freeport 41 ketch Country Gentleman for the boat-destroying Cabo storm of 1982. He’s subsequently spent many years running charter boats in the Caribbean, many of them with Darcy Whitney, also from the eastern Sierra. More »