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Aussie Rower Departing San Francisco, Homeward Bound

We’ve just gotten word from Sean Svendsen, from the Boat Yard at Grand Marina, that an Aussie rower is planning to row from San Francisco to Australia. The rower, whose name we don’t yet know, expects to depart this coming Sunday, and be at sea for at least 200 days.

Aussie rower and Sean Svendson
Sean Svendsen (right) and the Aussie rower. We can only imagine the conversation they were having at the time …
© 2021 Sean Svendson

At this stage that’s all we know. We called the phone number provided but at this stage haven’t heard back.

These rowboats are pretty spacious, considering what they are, but still, there’s a lot of gear to be stowed.
© 2021 Sean Svendson

We know Aussies are sometimes crazy, but 200+ days in a rowboat? Perhaps the lack of airline seats caused him to find an alternative means of transport.

Stay tuned, as we aim to bring you more details next week.


  1. Capt. Bill Chase 2 years ago

    Doesn’t he know that AUS is on covid lock down? At least he has been on the ultimate quarantine!!!

    • Ros 2 years ago

      He’ll likely encounter the 2 week mandatory hotel quarantine, followed by the best tasting pint of beer in the world!!!

  2. Drew 2 years ago

    Jason has been here at the Travis Marina for a few days now. He’s prepping to set out, enjoying Laperts ice cream and burgers.

    His hope is to set out at 0530 tomorrow pending Coast Guard permission.

    Fair winds and Following Seas Jason.

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