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August Latitude Is Out

Gracing Latitude’s cover this month is Sharon Green’s awesome aerial of the vintage S&S yawl Dorade steaming toward the TransPac finish. The much-acclaimed woodie corrected out to win.

© 2013 Sharon Green

Desperate for something worthwhile to do this weekend? Fret no more, the August edition of Latitude 38 is available (free, as always) right now at marine businesses all along the West Coast — and it’s also accessible as a free downloadable eBook here.

Inside, you’ll find our complete TransPac report, insiders’ insights into this month’s America’s Cup action, an interview with circumnavigators Jim and Kent Milski, our report on the Tahiti-Moorea Sailing Rendezvous, boatloads of local racing news, chartering info, ‘Classy Classifieds’ and more. Pick on up while they’re hot off the press. (You’ll find distribution info here.) Happy reading!

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