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Audit of BCDC to be Released Next Week

In August 2018, the State of California began the process of auditing the Bay Conservation and Development Commission, after a group of bipartisan lawmakers formally requested an independent investigation into the BCDC’s enforcement activities. After receiving complaints of levying maximum financial penalties for minor violations, inconsistently applying standards, and taking retaliatory action when people went on record, a group of bipartisan lawmakers pushed for an independent investigation.

The California State Auditor has announced that they will make their report on the BCDC public on Tuesday. Bob Wilson, cofounder of the SF Bay Stewardship Alliance — a group that’s been working to reform the BCDC — said the auditor’s report will likely be published on their official website on May 14. “The BCDC will hold a hearing next Thursday and brief their board on audit findings,” Wilson said.  “We have no idea what will be said or recommended.”

The Westpoint Harbor debate has been settled, but was indicative of what many — including us — saw as overzealous, if not draconian, enforcement by the BCDC, an agency tasked with preventing Bay fill and expanding access to the Bay.

Wilson said that SF Bay Stewardship Alliance needs the help of the Latitude community to “write and/or attend the BCDC meeting next week. The public’s support has been overwhelming and key to gaining traction to have the legislature address the abuses of the BCDC. Now we need their help to get needed reforms in place!”

Wilson asked that people do two things: First, attend next Thursday’s (May 16) BCDC meeting. The “Enforcement Committee” meeting starts at 9:30 a.m., and the “Commission” meeting starts at 1 p.m., both at 375 Beale Street in San Francisco. Secondly, Wilson also asked that concerned citizens write letters ahead of the meeting, which can be sent to  R. Zachary Wasserman at [email protected], or to the San Francisco Bay Conservation and Development Commission, 455 Golden Gate Avenue, Suite 10600, San Francisco, CA 94102-7019.

“We are hopeful the long-awaited reforms we have recommended will  be part of the audit report,” Wilson said. “It’s vital this wayward agency be fixed!”

We will have a summary and analysis of the auditor’s report on next Wednesday’s ‘Lectronic Latitude.

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