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Around the West Coast Sailing World

Latitude Nation — Here are a few nuggets from around the West Coast sailing world:

Matthew Turner Is on Display

The Matthew Turner is currently hauled out at Bayside Boatworks, and has some access for those hoping to catch a look.

“It is quite a sight!” said Sylvia Stompe from Call of the Sea. “We have docents on site between 10 a.m. and 2 p.m. most days so visitors can take a peek, but the boatyard is not otherwise open to the public.”

The Matthew Turner is quite a sight from any angle.
© 2019 Call of the Sea

This is all part of the years-long drum roll leading up to Matthew Turner’s first sail on the Bay. We’re not quite sure when that might be, but we do feel safe in saying: soon. Matthew Turner should be sailing soon. We are more excited for MT’s launch than SailGP, the America’s Cup, or Game of Thrones spinoffs.

Also, stay tuned for news about an upcoming Call of the Sea gala.

Prepare for all things r2ak

We are just weeks away from the start of the Race to Alaska, better known by its pithy handle: r2ak. In the June issue of Latitude 38 — which hits newsstands one week from Friday — we’ll meet some of the characters from team High Sea Drifters, an entry from San Rafael that will be sailing Shad Lemke’s Olson 30 Dark Horse. 

Shad Lemke — seen here in Hanalei Bay in Kauai following last year’s Singlehanded TransPac — is “a cowboy from Montana,” according to Dean “Steve” Hocking, owner of the Beneteau 45f5 Ohana. Hocking was Lemke’s ‘Obi-Wan Kenobi’, teaching the Montanan how to sail years ago.
© 2019 Latitude 38 Media LLC / Chris

In other r2ak news, Ben Shaw recently did a podcast on Out the Gate Sailing with team Shut up and Drive, a San Francisco entry that will be sailing on a Beneteau Figaro 2. Shaw spoke with team members Nathalie Criou and Satchel Douglas about the unconventional race, having eight crew on a 33-ft boat, and sharing a bucket for a bathroom.

And Now the Picture Portion of this ‘Lectronic Latitude

Doug Yamamoto sails off Hs Lordships near Berkeley Marina a few weeks ago on a 25-knot day.
Few things capture our sailing imaginations like the many island dotting the Bay. Red Rock —  seen here about a week and a half ago (in the a.m., before the breeze came up, from the top deck of the Richmond/San Rafael Bridge) — has always felt, like, Tom Sawyer’s Island or something.
© 2019 Nathaniel Beilby
This is later from that same day when the Red Rock photo was taken, and after spending a few lazy hours on the hook off Quarry Point on Angel Island.
© 2019 Nathaniel Beilby
After spending over 250 days at sea, Randall Reeves has clearly figured out all of the good angles for shooting photos onboard Moli.
© 2019 Randall Reeves
Be sure to pick up the June issue for a quick circumnavigator’s update. “We have some big business yet in the high latitudes up north,” Reeves said.
© 2019 Randall Reeves

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