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An Unusual Hitchhiker

"On the morning of October 17, I picked up a hitchhiker in Why, Arizona, who was on his way to Tucson," reports Greg Joder. "The man was in his 60s and very animated. He told me that he was originally from Czechoslavia, but had been cruising the Sea of Cortez off and on for many years. But apparently he won’t be sailing in the Sea again anytime soon because he told me he’d lost his boat on the rocks at Isla Rasa, which is near Bahia de Los Angeles. Did Latitude hear anything about the loss of a boat?"

Nope, we didn’t. If anybody has details, we’d love to be able to report them. Email us.

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Jeanne Socrates left Victoria, BC, Monday morning aboard Nereida bound for…Victoria, BC. © Jak Mang You just can’t keep Jeanne Socrates down.
And like ol’ Bob Dylan sang back in the early ’60s, "and accept it soon that [if you stay in California] you’ll be drenched to the bone."