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A Study in Contrasts

Vee Cove, Isla Carmen, Sea of Cortez. The last time Teal and Linh Goben were there, it was just the two of them on their trimaran. It won’t be too long before they return on the cat that Teal has been doing a spectacular job of not just restoring, but recreating. And best of all, this time they’ll have their lovely daughter Emma along with them. 

© 2016 Teal Goben

If there’s anything we’ve learned in our surprisingly long life to date, it’s that you don’t want to fight the weather or the seasons. Go where the going is good.

Thus, we were struck by the contrast in the two photos that crossed our path last week.

The first photo is from Teal Goben of Seattle, remembering the good times he and his wife Linh had cruising the Sea of Cortez aboard their trimaran almost 10 years ago. That’s what it looks like in the Sea right now, and what it will look like for the next couple of months. To each their own, but to us, it looks delicious! For those who have never been there, it’s Vee Cove on Isla Carmen.

The second photo was taken the other day by Brian Charette in Jackson, Wyoming. We suppose that white stuff could be powdered sugar, cocaine or snow, but we fear that it’s already snowing up in those parts. Which is why Brian noted, "It’s just about time to head back south to Mexico." He spends his winters in his unique Cat 2 Fold folding catamaran.

When it comes to contrasting with the bright, blue and happy ambience of Vee Cove, it couldn’t be more extreme than what you could see in Jackson, Wyoming, last week. Lawdy, if that doesn’t look gloomy to us. 

© 2016 Brian Charette

Life is all about making choices. Where do you want to be this winter?

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