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A Little Help Please

One of the most impressive nonprofit sailing organizations in Northern California is the Bay Area Association of Disabled Sailors, whose staff works tirelessly to share the joys of sailing with folks who have a wide range of disabilities. 

We’re spotlighting them here because their keelboat fleet is in dire need of some new — or at least better — sails. "Our current sails are in very bad shape and need to be replaced, but we do not have the funds to buy new or even used sails," says a spokesman. If our memories serve us correctly, BAADS has a Catalina 30, some Sonar race boats, and couple of Islander 36s in their keelboat program, plus some Access dinghies.

From the looks of this 2013 photo BAADS’ dinghy sails are in pretty good shape. But we’re told that their Islander 36s are in dire need.

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BAADS members plan to speak with local sailmakers for possible donations, but in the short term we’d be willing to bet that some local Islander 36 owners have serviceable sails taking up space in their garages or storage units.

If you can help, please contact Alex, Tom and Nina at 415-281-0212 or visit the donation site here

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