There weren’t too many traditional boats this year, but the big schooner Adela, which was built in the early 1900s, put in a good showing in near-ideal conditions.
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Call of the Sea, based in Sausalito, CA, operates the schooner Seaward and invites applications for the post of Mate.
The 2014 edition of the biennial MEXORC Copa Corum concluded Saturday. To say that all racers enjoyed themselves last week would likely be an understatement.
Pick up the April edition of Latitude so you can read all the latest sailing news as well as plan your strategy for seeing all that Strictly Sail Pacific has to offer.
Ricardo Brockmann, owner of the R/P 52 Vincitore, is largely responsible for this year’s MEXORC Copa Corum, as president of the organizing committee.
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Celebrate Boating with Oakland Yacht Club at Strictly Sail Pacific! © Oakland Yacht Club Join us at Strictly Sail Pacific on April 10-13: Free seminar, "Communication on the High Seas," given by OYC members on Thursday, April 10.
Clouds never seen before in 35 years of cruising. © Mexicolder Mike When we received an email titled "Clouds over Mazatlan," we groaned.
It’s often said that making landfall in the Marquesas, after weeks on the open ocean, can be one of the most magical moments in a sailor’s life  especially if he/she arrives in one piece.
We recently received the following letter from David Cleveland of San Diego: "Latitude 38’s coverage of the Mexican boat impoundings has been extensive, and obviously personal to publisher Richard Spindler, as (his boat) Profligate was an impounded boat.
On Friday, March 21, the paperwork was completed to "liberate" the last of the ’embargoed’ foreign boats at Marina Coral in Ensenada — nearly four months after they had been impounded.
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© KKMI If you’ve been to KKMI before, you’ve no doubt observed that our most important assets are the talented people that make up our Teams.
Our recent photo quiz was a snap for many Bay Area sailors, as Rat Rock lies right near a popular weekend anchorage off China Camp State Park in Marin County.
As Flyer, then Alaska Eagle, this famous S&S 65 has traveled far and wide - most recently, through the canals of Amsterdam.
If you haven’t heard yet, Tom Siebel’s MOD70 Orion smashed the San Diego-to-Puerto Vallarta race record, set in 1998 by Steve Fossett and crew aboard Lakota.
We’ve spent a lot of time sailing Caribbean waters, but we have to admit we’d never even heard of this annual March regatta before receiving this report from San Francisco Bay sailor Lynn Ringseis: "Here’s an ideal recipe for a fun-filled regatta: 1) Mix together 30 sailboats, a handful of competitive sailors, boatloads of cruisers looking for a party, and a cluster of ‘senior’ race committee members.
We know that most people go cruising to get away from television and its associated evils.
Can anybody play? Yeah, pretty much. The long-established Banderas Bay Regatta is fun for boats of all shapes and sizes.
Don’t miss this year’s Strictly Sail Pacific boat show. Once again, Oakland’s Jack London Square is where all your sailing friends will be this April 10-13.
We’re not asking this in a derisive manner, but out of curiosity. We all have our preferences, and in case anyone hasn’t noticed, those of us at Latitude 38 are more inclined to like the tropics than cooler cruising areas.
Down in the West Indies some theatergoers have a habit that’s both annoying and amusing: At tense moments in a film, it’s common for folks in the audience to stand up and coach the characters on screen.
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There’s still time to make plans and prepare your crew and boat for BAMA’s 35th Doublehanded Farallones Race on Saturday, March 22, to the new requirements defined in the Notice of Race and Sailing Instructions.
It’s a fact that most cruising sailors never race. That’s partly because they feel they’d be ‘sailing their house’, which is too heavily laden to be competitive, and partly because many of them have little or no previous racing experience.  But not all cruisers think this way, as evidenced by this note from Robin Weber: "When we read about the Banderas Bay Regatta in Latitude 38, it sounded like a great event for cruisers.
Dawn in the tropics, a very pleasant and sensual experience. latitude/Richard
© Latitude 38 Media, LLC After a long winter of extra strong Christmas trades, early mornings in the Caribbean have now turned sweet.
Whether gliding along on a light breeze or pushing the limits of her 2,000-square-foot spinnaker, the schooner Santana was always a splendid sight on the Bay.
This week, the Vallarta YC is abuzz with excitement about the 22nd annual Banderas Bay Regatta, which it hosts as a not-too-serious competition for cruising sailors.
If you’re planning to submit a Classy Classified for the April issue of Latitude 38, be aware that the deadline is this Saturday at 5 p.m.
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Gorgeous Islander 36, 1972 © 2014 Passage Yachts Why would anyone want to buy a boat you can’t even see?
In real-life situations, ‘survivors’ are rarely this cheerful, but thanks to Sal, it’s become an annual tradition to sample an authentic raft’s ‘cozy’ interior.
) Cat Ppalu, the well-known, high-speed 74 x 28-ft, Peter Spronk-designed ketch-rigged catamaran, was holed on a reef near Simpson Bay, Sint Maarten on Sunday while the cat’s owner, D.
The previous incarnation of AC45 fleet racing was a huge international success. But this time, Ellison hopes to stage races in 10 different countries, which would be even better.
Warm temperatures and light breeze had some observers wondering if any boats would start this year’s Big Daddy Regatta, hosted by Richmond YC.
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© KKMI If you’ve been to KKMI before, you’ve no doubt observed that our most important assets are the talented people that make up our Teams.
As we noted last week and in March’s Sightings, registration for this year’s Delta Doo Dah will open tomorrow, March 11, at noon at www.deltadoodah.com.
The ever-popular Banderas Bay Regatta is focused on not-too-serious fun, as it attracts cruisers who are essentially racing their homes.