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Plastiki, the 60-ft catamaran made entirely out of recyclable and recycled materials, including 12,500 soda bottles, will be sailing out the Gate tomorrow morning around 9:30 a.m.
Relatives of the crew of the 45-ft steel cutter Columbia are desperately seeking info from anyone who may have seen this vessel since her departure from Salinas, Ecuador, on January 16.
"Please help me," writes Halley Lund. "I need to know if Latitude has published any arguments supporting families living on boats.
"As a result of my Classy Classified, our boat sold quickly. Thanks for your help in making the placement of the ad easy and for your great customer support!"
As of a day ago, Franck Cammas’ 105-ft trimaran Groupama 3 had spent as much time behind the pace of the Jules Verne Trophy holder as she had in front of it.
We knew folks were anxious to join the Delta Doo Dah Deux, but when all 50 available slots were filled within 12 hours of Monday’s announcement, we were taken completely by surprise!
Registration for Delta Doo Dah Deux is now open. Yipee! latitude/LaDonna
©2010 Latitude 38 Media, LLC Last summer, we launched what we’d hoped would be a well-received rally from the Bay to the Delta.
The Singlehanded TransPac is hosting a free rigging seminar tonight at Oakland YC, 7-10 p.m.
Full Tilt scoots across The Slot on a sunny Thursday afternoon. latitude/LaDonna
© Latitude 38 Media, LLC While the rest of us were working our fingers to the bones yesterday afternoon, a number of Bay sailors were out playing hooky — and good thing they did it before the rain set in.
After three frustrating months in Cape Town, South Africa, Jeanne Socrates restarted her second solo circumnavigation — this one aboard her new Najad 380 Nereida — on Tuesday.
The two Andrews — Andrew Vik found crewmember Andrew at last year’s Spring Crew List Party.
With the economy on life support, we realize how tough it is for many sailing organizations and businesses to promote their services.
Despite not being able to fly their main for the last 12 hours, California is still within striking distance of the leaders in Race 7 — from Qingdao to San Francisco — of the ’09-’10 Clipper ‘Round the World Race.
In Friday’s ‘Lectronic, we reported on Arizonan Keith Carver’s having shipwrecked on the north end of Vancouver Island, and his subsequent rescue.
"Don’t be a fool by missing the April 1-6 Sea of Cortez Sailing Week," advises Patsy Verhoeven of the Portland/La Paz-based Gulfstar 50 Talion.
For many years Latitude 38’s Crew List parties have been matching skippers in need of crew with sailors in need of rides.
What with Monterey’s David Addleman having named his new-to-him Santa Cruz 50 X, and the two anonymous owners — who aren’t Russian — of the new Transformer 390 currently in St.
The Vancouver Sun reported yesterday that Tucson’s Keith Carver, 56, had wrecked his 40-ft ferrocement sailboat on Vancouver Island, and survived for five days by eating lichen before being rescued by a passing helicopter.
Power at Latitude 38 World Headquarters is scheduled to be out Monday morning, so if you try to call and the phones are down, or you don’t get a response to an email, or if ‘Lectronic isn’t posted in as timely a manner as usual — ha!
Cirque and Horizon rumble down Banderas Bay during yesterday’s 25-miler to Las Caletas.
As regular readers know, the annual migration from the West Coast of the Americas to French Polynesia is growing into one of the largest cruising rallies on the planet.
Back in January, we launched a reader survey to find out a little more about our readers and what they want to read about.
The Latitude 38 Medal of Freedom — in this case for ignoring the United States government’s preposterous ban on taking a U.S.
In the aftermath of Chile’s devastating magnitude-8.8 earthquake Saturday, the Pacific Tsunami Warning Center in Hawaii issued a tsunami warning to 53 nations and territories, prompting residents of waterside communities all along the Pacific Rim to made preparations and/or seek higher ground.
"We’re a few years out from going cruising," writes Dave Phillipp of the Emeryville-based Beneteau 373 Epiphanie, "and are thinking about getting a dog but are unsure how it’ll work on a boat.
Alchemy navigator Artie Means won the “photo of the race” contest for his end-of-the-spin-pole photo of the boat surfing toward Banderas Bay.
At the halfway mark, Groupama 3 is rolling along in the Southern Ocean, reeling off 700-mile days and slowly increasing their lead against the Jules Verne Trophy reference time.