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Archive for March 2019

Does the Boat Make a Difference?

About 10 years, ago we hosted a group of six folks for a charter aboard ‘ti Profligate in the Caribbean.
The male in one of the couples spent most of his time on the phone doing business deals, while his wife, who wore a lot of sweatpants, did craft books. More »

Looking in on Sailing Symposiums

The pressure to climb the pyramid, at the expense of long-term participation and well-rounded skill development, has parents, instructors and program leaders looking to US Sailing for guidance and a different approach. They've seen too many kids drop out.

Surfing the Webb

On Monday’s we like to surf the www-dots to see what kind of sailing news percolated over the weekend. The web brought us to Webb. Well, sort of. Webb Chiles is reportedly struggling through light winds off the west coast of Central America. More »