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Archive for January 2018
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East Harbor Supported by the City

PG&E made a long-shot — and ill-recieved — proposal that the city of San Francisco consider getting rid of East Harbor, also known as Gashouse Cove, according to an article in the San Francisco Chronicle.  More »

‘Maserati’ on Target for Record

After yet another collision with an Unidentified Floating Object and losing one of her rudders, Maserati is flying through the Indian Ocean, about to round the Cape of Good Hope, and over 500 nautical miles ahead of Gitana 13’s reference time for the ‘Tea Route’ from Hong Kong to London. More »

February Racing Preview

At the old XOC buoy, a Division A (aka PHRF 1) start in BYC’s Sunday Midwinter Series. latitude/Chris
©Latitude 38 Media, LLC A trio of Bay Area midwinter series wrap up in February. More »

Isaacsons Citizens of the Year

Glenn Isaacson and Liz Baylis try to keep Q moving in very light breeze and strong current during Saturday’s Three Bridge Fiasco. latitude/Chris
©Latitude 38 Media, LLC Glenn Isaacson, who races the Carl Schumacher-designed 40-ft daysailer Q on San Francisco Bay, and his wife Gaby were honored as Belvedere’s 2017 Citizens of the Year last week. More »

Would You Like to Sail?

While visiting the Berkeley waterfront, we stopped by the little club that’s launched thousands of sailors. Walking into the grounds, we found Anthony and Daniel busily doing some weekday maintenance on Cal Sailing Club’s eclectic fleet of boats. More »

The Latitude Movie Club Presents . . .

OK, we need to talk about this movie . . . or these movies . . . sooner rather than later. It is (or they are), for better or worse, the biggest sailing film(s) of the last 15 years, a fact that is not particularly satisfying, and is perhaps a little embarrassing.  More »

Four Out of 360

The scene at the Three Bridge Fiasco starting line about 40 minutes after the beginning of the starts. latitude/Chris
©Latitude 38 Media, LLC Four out of 360 — that’s how many boats finished Saturday’s Three Bridge Fiasco pursuit race. More »

Miller Made Sailing Films Too

By now skiers have heard that ski filmmaker extraordinaire Warren Miller passed away at home on Orcas Island on Wednesday at the age of 93. What skiers — and sailors — may not know is that Miller made sailing films too. More »