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© El Salvador Rally Discover the lesser traveled and unspoiled cruiser-friendly destination of Bahia del Sol, El Salvador.
The beautiful Moody 54 Red Sky washed ashore on the east coast of Australia this week, but plans are coming together to refloat and repair her.
The cruising season officially opened on Banderas Bay on Friday, December 12, with the grand reception by Riviera Nayarit Tourism for cruisers at the chic Eva Mandarina beachfront restaurant and bar in La Cruz.
One of the best things about the coming of the new year is that it symbolizes a new beginning, and thus inspires us to assess our priorities and set personal goals for the coming months.  If you’re as addicted to sailing as we are, your goals may include things like: doing the Party Circuit races, installing new gadgetry, taking an exotic sailing vacation or completing all the half-finished projects that you started in recent years.  Will this be the year that you’ll finally get your act together to do the Great Vallejo Race?
Sea Scouts practiced jumping into the water of San Francisco Bay in a lobster suit (aka Gumby suit) as part of a safety clinic held at Coast Guard Station Yerba Buena Island just south of the Bay Bridge.
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Basic or advanced sailing instruction and certification included if desired. Coastal or celestial navigation instruction and certification included if desired.
Aaaaaahhhhhhh!  Unknown
©Latitude 38 Media, LLC Gals love the tropical temperature, too. Unknown
©Latitude 38 Media, LLC If you are one of the two people in these refreshing photos, we’ve love to hear from you.
The splendid schooner Eros transits Panama Canal locks in company with a massive container ship.
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© El Salvador Rally Discover the lesser traveled and unspoiled cruiser-friendly destination of Bahia del Sol, El Salvador.
The little Hawaiian sloop Malia is safely back in port today, nine days after the search for her was abandoned.  © US Coast Guard After receiving two mayday calls November 27 from Hawaiian sailor Ron Ingraham, 67, US Coast Guard aircraft flew 59 search sorties, scouring roughly 12,000 square miles of ocean, but no sign of the solo sailor’s 25-ft sloop Malia was ever found, and he was not heard from again — until yesterday, 12 days after the initial call for help.  At 7:55 yesterday morning, Coast Guard personnel in Honolulu picked up a brief mayday from Ingraham on VHF 16.
Those 5,000-ft mountains in the background make it unlikely this is a photo of Florida.  latitude/Richard
© Latitude 38 Media, LLC If it weren’t for the mountains, the above photo would look a lot like Florida.
Although the body of former Bay Area sailor Tom Kardos still has not been found, many more details have emerged regarding the lead-up to the capsize of his boat, Seven Sisters, in Mexico’s Gulf of Tehuantepec late last month.
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This is what a Swan 90 looks like, although we’re not sure she’s the model owned by our mystery multiple boat owner.  Swan Yachts
©Latitude 38 Media, LLC If we’re not mistaken, we have a new and undisputed champion of sailboat boat ownership in Northern California — and for all we know, the world.
Three boats ‘pleasure racing’ in close company on the warm, smooth waters of sun-drenched Banderas Bay during the 2012 Blast.  latitude/Richard
©2014 Latitude 38 Media, LLC From Northern California to mainland Mexico, hasn’t the weather been great?
The notch taken out of Lakota’s starboard ama should be easily repairable. But we can only imagine what would have happened if she’d been traveling at the record-setting speeds that she is capable of.
The most recent photo of the beached Team Vestas Wind Volvo Ocean 65 shows that the boat is still in one piece.
If you give the ‘gift of sailing’ to a friend or loved one, he or she will be happy as a toddler with a shiny new toy.  Club Nautique
©Latitude 38 Media, LLC Foreign visitors observing the frenzy of manic shopping that will take place this Friday — ‘Black Friday’ — might think it is some sort of pagan ritual, perhaps to gather material possessions in advance of impending doom.
Chris White believes in light, performance catamarans. Even so, his 57-footer was a little too heavy to lift.