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January 30, 2014


AGACE agents not 10 feet from me are signing final documents that will make Riviera Nayarit Marina a Depositaria, which will immediately release the 53 boats that have been impounded here since late November. Apparently the Depositaria designation is merely a legal way for AGACE to get out of the legal mess and PR disaster they created for Mexico. There is no word on the fate of boats impounded in other marinas, but this is a good sign. In other news, a front page story in Reforma, Mexico’s New York Times, quotes a SCT — ports and port captains — official as saying there will be no more of the audits and embargoes of foreign boats. Alas, they have no control over AGACE. See tomorrow’s ‘Lectronic for details.

Oracle Team USA’s CEO, Russell Coutts told the Associated Press last Saturday that sailing officials are still in talks with other venues about hosting the 35th America’s Cup in August, 2017.
What do winning America’s Cup racers do for fun? Take a well-deserved vacation in the British Virgin Islands, including some recreational kiteboarding — with foils, of course — and competing in a stand-up paddleboard race.
The last thing the sailing world needs is another messy story out of Mexico, but it’s hard to ignore this one, as it involves a longtime respected marine business in Mazatlan, one mostly owned by a Canadian, who apparently decided that it was in his best interest to flee the country on his boat.