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Archive for August 2013

Catamaran Racing for the 99%

Ferrari thrills with Volkswagen pricing: F18s are fast, fun, and accessible. © 2013 Courtesy Cherie SogstiThis Sunday over a dozen Formula 18 catamarans will be racing a short course right in front on the Marina Green in San Francisco starting at 11:15 a.m., More »

America’s Cup Schedule Changes

As predicted, imposing wind limits on America’s Cup racing has forced organizers to cancel several scheduled Louis Vuitton Cup Finals races. An augmented schedule was released today (below).  Meanwhile the breakdowns that have plagued the event so far are clearly frustrating not only the teams, their sponsors and fans, but also even eternally upbeat professional commentators such as Gary Jobson. More »

Bullish on the Red Bull Youth AC

AC45 fleet racing is expected be thrilling for both lifelong sailors and nonsailing sports fans with merely a curious interest. And in this contest the team members will actually be citizens of the countries they represent, rather than hired guns. More »

America’s Cup Surprises

Just when you think you’ve heard everything, the America’s Cup serves up another surprise. © Gilles Martin-Raget / ACEADon’t let anybody say the 34th America’s Cup isn’t full of surprises, because they just keep coming. More »

O’pen Bics Wow Crowds

While yesterday’s Louis Vuitton racing might not have been all that thrilling, there was some racing in front of the AC grandstands on Marina Green that was fast and furious when about 30 sailors aged 9-15 took to the water to race O’pen Bics on the ‘treacherous’ America’s Cup course. More »

Cruising the Med Not that Expensive?

You know how nobody wants to go cruising in the Med anymore because it’s so incredibly expensive? According to Chay, Katie and Jamie McWilliam of the Henderson, Nevada-based Kelly-Peterson 46 Esprit, it doesn’t cost that much more to cruise the Med than anywhere else. More »

LVC Finals Start Tomorrow at One

Can Luna Rossa beat the lighning-fast Kiwis? For that matter, can anybody beat them? © ACEA / Abner KingmanWith the clock ticking down to tomorrow’s first race of the Louis Vuitton Cup Finals, the big question is: How much has Luna Rossa Challenge improved since their last match-up with Emirates Team New Zealand during the Round Robin series. More »

Experienced Journalist Wanted

After more than seven years of being a fabulous member of Latitude 38‘s editorial team, LaDonna Bubak — not to be confused with Doña de Mallorca — is leaving Latitude at the end of the year to do what you’d expect: go cruising with her husband Rob on their Wauquiez 47 Gazelle. More »
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Kingpostgate Slogs On

Some things start small and seemingly innocuous, but grow big and nasty. Just ask the ghost of Richard Nixon about his early denials of having anything to do with the little burglary at Watergate. More »

Boater Rescues Dog from Bay

Did your dog fall overboard? Adam Cohen pulled this black lab-pit bull mix from San Francisco Bay on his way home from work on Monday. © 2013 Adam CohenImagine scooting across the Bay on your windsurfer and spotting a pooch swimming around a couple miles from shore. More »