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Boater Rescues Dog from Bay

Did your dog fall overboard? Adam Cohen pulled this black lab-pit bull mix from San Francisco Bay on his way home from work on Monday.

© 2013 Adam Cohen

Imagine scooting across the Bay on your windsurfer and spotting a pooch swimming around a couple miles from shore. That’s what happened Monday afternoon when a gaggle of windsurfers helped keep said pup afloat until Berkeley’s Adam Cohen came along to offer assistance. 

Five windsurfers miraculously spotted the dog a couple miles off Berkeley and kept her afloat.

© Adam Cohen

Cohen told the Chronicle he was commuting home in his 22-ft inflatable when he saw five downed windsurfers. Thinking they might be in trouble, he headed their way only to find them trying to keep the dog on one of their boards while asking the Coast Guard to come rescue her. He brought the shivering canine aboard and took her to his home, where she recovered quickly from her ordeal.

Who says only cats have nine lives?

© 2013 Adam Cohen

At last word, Cohen had plans to take the lucky dog to the Humane Society to see if she had a microchip, but his wife had already fallen in love. Lucky dog, indeed!

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