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Archive for May 2013

Icom Sees the Light

In the March and other recent issues of Latitude there have been reader complaints about microphone cords falling apart on their otherwise highly regarded Icom radios. Icom had not been as responsible as many of their customers had hoped, but fortunately that has changed. More »

Check Out the June Latitude

As you read this, the June issue of Latitude 38 is making its way around the Bay Area and beyond. Pay special attention to the cover, featuring Zamazaan in May’s Great Vallejo Race, then turn to page 85 to see the cover we almost ran. More »

Stan Honey’s Digital Magic

We recently had the pleasure of interviewing tech guru and three-time circumnavigator Stan Honey for a June-edition article (out today). In it, you’ll learn about how Stan’s LiveLine graphics will be superimposed over live video of this summer’s Louis Vuitton challenger series, the Red Bull Youth America’s Cup and the AC 34 finals. More »

Made in Santa Cruz Race Week

Seven Express 37s made it to Made in Santa Cruz Race Week. © 2013 Rick Linkmyer Made in Santa Cruz Race Week has three days of sailing down and four to go. More »

Bay Area Boaters Mourn Svend’s Passing

We regret having to report the passing on Monday of well-loved Bay Area sailor and businessman Svend Svendsen, founder of Svendsen’s Boat Works in Alameda. Born in Denmark in 1932, Svend was descended from a family of fishermen, whose bond with the sea went back generations. More »

Floating Nicely on Her Lines

The 71-ft home-built catamaran pictured below has been a conspicuous landmark on the grounds of San Rafael’s Loch Lomond Marina ever since James Lane, his family and friends began assembling it there two years ago. More »

BAADS Motors Recovered

BAADS offers sailing opportunites to those who might not otherwise be able to enjoy the sport. © Dwayne Newton There’s a special place in hell for those who steal from agencies dedicated to doing good, and some thieves got an express ticket south when they stole all five outboard motors from chase boats for the Bay Area Association of Disabled Sailors. More »

AC Teams Agree to Downshift, Training Continues

In the aftermath of America’s Cup sailor Bart Simpson’s death on May 9, representatives of the three challenging teams and the Cup defender, Oracle Team USA, have met several times behind closed doors to reassess their options going forward. More »
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The ‘Hardway’ Around

The annual Hardway Race is one of Southern California’s most unsung annual offshore offerings, and it lived up to its moniker last Saturday. A weak eddy resulted in an hours-long crawl to the 40-knot westerly breeze that generated it. More »

Dad to the Rescue!

All parents will agree that embarrassing their kids (in a good natured way, of course) is one of the great joys of parenthood. Giving your teenage son a big hug in front of his friends, showing silly baby pictures to his prom date, towing his new-to-him powerboat behind your small sailboat . More »