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The Boston-based Pacific Seacraft 40 Shango rides Cyril’s fury in Neiafu Harbor. © 2012 Gary Kegel Although this news is several weeks old due to interrupted Internet access at the scene, we thought this report and dramatic photos warranted sharing.
As much as we love Mexico, we have to say enforcement of its immigration policies often tends to be inconsistent from port to port — and sometimes from month to month.
"When ah fires my gun, all o’ yo’ kin start a-runnin!" exclaimed Hekzebiah Hawkins in Al Capp’s Li’l Abner comic strip.
The Aquarium of the Bay will kick off their new film and lecture series, a year-round roster of topic-specific films and talks aimed at educating the public, with ‘An Evening of Sailing Films’ at the newly renovated Bay Theater on Pier 39 this Friday.
Whether the right to a berth in highly desirable public marinas or mooring fields ought to go with a boat has been a hot topic of discussion on the West Coast from time to time.
We all have friends and family who we’d like to encourage to learn more about our favorite sport, but don’t necessarily want to take on the responsibility of teaching them ourselves.
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Where’s Waldo…or in this case Profligate? © Paul Martson "I was walking through the new air terminal in Santa Barbara and, while on my way to my gate, passed a video screen that had a slide show of nature ‘beauty shots’," writes Paul Marston, crewmember of the Corsair 31 Drei in the last Ha-Ha.
These happy young scholars caught a ride aboard the Seattle-based steel schooner Patricia Belle during the annual parade of sail.
Singlehanded TransPac racers, wannabe racers, and folks simply interested in witnessing the paradox of a ‘group of singlehanders’ are invited to an informal meet-and-greet at Encinal YC this Saturday.
Sure, the price of Apple stock has had a good run in the last six months, but what about West Marine (WMAR)?
Jimmy Spithill and his men in black are back on the Bay. We encourage you to get out an have a look.
Tanya’s look is…you tell us. © 2012 Rick Meyerhoff Well, we’re rarely at a loss for words, but we just can’t put our finger on the correct adjective for this woman’s expression.
Although shoreside temperatures may be lower in winter, you really don’t have to bundle up any more than during summer, as winds are lighter and wind chill is less.
"I’m taking off cruising this year and — this is the really great part — not coming back," writes Tom O’Neill of the San Diego-based Catalina 30 Calypso.
Sailing’s more fun with friends! Find crew or a boat to sail on, and make new friends at Latitude 38’s Spring Crew List Party.
Currents reign supreme on San Francisco Bay, so it’s not uncommon for sailors to forget to consult tide charts when planning a cruise-out, which can leave them in an embarrassing position for a few hours until the tide floats them free — at least that’s what we’re telling ourselves, so please don’t burst that delicate bubble.
Since arriving in Western Europe, Pacific Star has found berthage at a variety of idyllic locations, such as this waterfront berth at Honfleur, France, at the confluence of the tidal Seine and the English Channel on the Normandy coast.
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© Bahia del Sol El Salvador Rally Expand your horizons! Join a completely different kind of rally where you travel at your own pace to enjoy a springtime rendezvous with other like-minded, adventuresome cruisers.
Understanding Bay currents can give racers a huge advantage in developing winning strategies, especially during long, complex races like the recent Three Bridge Fiasco.
That intrepid British solo circumnavigator Jeanne Socrates sure gets around. After a knockdown at Cape Horn ended her plans for a nonstop solo circumnavigation last January, Socrates wound up spending 13 months in South Africa effecting repairs to her Najad 380 Nereida and having all sorts of adventures — from having juice with Laura Dekker to tea with the Queen of England.
Latitude 38 Associate Publisher John Arndt will talk on the state of sailing and the sailing industry at the St.
"My friends, Thies Matzen and Kicki Ericson, have just won the Cruising Club of America Blue Water Medal and the Ocean Cruising Club Award of Merit, becoming only the second sailors to win both honors in the same year," writes Beth Leonard, who, with partner Evans Starzinger, has also been the recipient of a number of high-profile cruising awards for voyages aboard their Shannon 37 Silk and their 47-ft Van De Stadt Hawk.
Our fun in Mexico started with sailing from San Diego to Cabo with several hundred of our best friends, a few of whom are seen here on the bluffs overlooking Bahia Santa Maria.
Don’t make the mistake of thinking race committee duties are boring! © Fred Fago Volunteering for a race committee has many advantages: 1) You will learn a lot about racing and most likely improve your own performance; 2) It’s the ideal alternative if you’re not so keen on competitive racing but still want to be involved; 3) You give back to the sport you love.
It’s that time again: Latitude 38 delivery day! In this month’s issue we remember our former colleague Rob Moore, recount daring tales of whale rescues, discuss strategies for sailing the South Pacific, offer up a year’s worth of sailing options, and of course share more than any sailor can read during the shortest month of the year.