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Archive for January 2012
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Supes Certify AC34 EIR

More than 100 people — probably closer to 200 — showed up at City Hall yesterday for a Board of Supervisors meeting to determine the fate of the America’s Cup Environmental Impact Report, which was unanimously accepted by the Planning Commission last month. More »

Dekker Completes Circumnavigation

Laura Dekker, 16 years and four months old, arrived at the Eastern Caribbean island of St. Martin on Saturday aboard her 38-ft Jeanneau Gin Fizz Guppy to become the youngest person to complete a solo circumnavigation. More »
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AC34 Meeting Tomorrow

If you’re at all interested in seeing the 34th America’s Cup sailed on San Francisco Bay, AC Outreach Manager Ariel Ungerleider is urging you to attend tomorrow’s Board of Supervisors meeting to show support for the event. More »

The Queen’s New Tall Ship

Until we learned that the construction cost of the recently-grounded Costa Concordia cruise ship was roughly $580 million USD, we thought plans for a new tall ship for the Queen of England were lavish. More »

A Fantastic Sailing Sight in Acapulco

Acapulco has a pretty darn good racing fleet, and ideal day sailing conditions. Groovy
©2012 Latitude 38 Media, LLC"There was lots of on-the-water action in Acapulco on Sunday, report Emily and Mark Fagan of the Arizona-based Hunter 44 Groovy. More »

The Other Cabo

Kai and her partner Rob dropped their hook in San Jose del Cabo and were pleased by what they found. © 2012 Rob SandersonWhen we hauled our anchor aboard our Ingrid 38 ketch Velella velella after two noisy nights in Cabo San Lucas last month, we had no goal but to get out of there. More »
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Fast Forward to Richardson Bay

Profiled in the February 2010 issue of Latitude 38 — just after he was "reactivated" back into the Army and shortly before he was deployed to Afghanistan — Alex Pearce is back home in Sausalito, living aboard his Cal 2-29 Shrimp Louie with his new bride Tara. More »
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Who’s in Charge of a Vessel?

We always assumed that it was a captain’s decision whether to put to sea or not, particularly if bad weather is approaching. But that doesn’t seem to be the thinking of British Admiralty Registrar Robert Jervis Kay. More »