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It’s come to our attention that early March will mark the 35th anniversary of the day that the publisher of this magazine, assisted by Kathleen McCarthy, put together the first issue of Latitude 38.
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Dave Wallace of the Puerto Escondido-based Amel Maramu Air-Ops reports he has some additional information on the daily boat taxes the Italians are going to be laying on owners of Italian and foreign yachts starting on May 1.
The current plight of the Costa Concordia reminds us of a comment attributed to Churchill by James C.
More than 100 people — probably closer to 200 — showed up at City Hall yesterday for a Board of Supervisors meeting to determine the fate of the America’s Cup Environmental Impact Report, which was unanimously accepted by the Planning Commission last month.
Having recklessly pissed away their money and gone into tremendous debt — sort of like the United States and California — the Italian government has come up with a brilliant new "austerity measure."
If you’re at all interested in seeing the 34th America’s Cup sailed on San Francisco Bay, AC Outreach Manager Ariel Ungerleider is urging you to attend tomorrow’s Board of Supervisors meeting to show support for the event.
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Until we learned that the construction cost of the recently-grounded Costa Concordia cruise ship was roughly $580 million USD, we thought plans for a new tall ship for the Queen of England were lavish.
Kai and her partner Rob dropped their hook in San Jose del Cabo and were pleased by what they found.
Profiled in the February 2010 issue of Latitude 38 — just after he was "reactivated" back into the Army and shortly before he was deployed to Afghanistan — Alex Pearce is back home in Sausalito, living aboard his Cal 2-29 Shrimp Louie with his new bride Tara.
Although Holger and Tracy removed all of Lord Jim’s planking and did a total hull refit, that was the easy part.
"When I changed the air filter on my Beta Marine 1505 air filter recently, I recalled the claims of other manufacturers that their engines didn’t need an air filter for marine applications," writes Jay Bietz, who sails his Westsail 32 Pygmalion out of Alameda.
We always assumed that it was a captain’s decision whether to put to sea or not, particularly if bad weather is approaching.
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Looking for a well proven, nicely equipped modern 40-ft cruiser? A boat where the previous owner spared no expense in outfitting with top-quality gear?
"I just had to tell you that ‘Lectronic Latitude looks fantastic on my new Kindle Fire," writes Doug Vaughan, who sails his Jeanneau 37 Odyssey out of Oakland YC.
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Calling all Northern California sailors to support ‘Sailing the Bay’. © Sailing the Bay Ron Blatman, producer of the award-winning KQED special ‘Saving the Bay’, is back to produce a new public television special ‘Sailing the Bay’.
Bill Hardesty in action racing Etchells. © Tim Wilkes And the winners of the 2011 Rolex Yachtsman and Yachtswoman of the Year awards are (insert drum roll)… Bill Hardesty of San Diego, the reigning Etchells World Champion, and Anna Tunnicliffe of Plantation, FL, the first woman to be honored with the award four years in a row.
Cal Boating is responsible for keeping the Delta’s water hyacinth problem under control.
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At cocktail hour tonight, we invite you to join us in raising a glass to the so-called President of the Pacific Ocean, Merl Petersen, who turns 90 today.
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The 26-boat fleet in the 2012-13 World ARC set off from Rodney Bay, St.
After five years of adventuring, Anne, Uwe and Kara were all smiles when they arrived in California.
In the January issue of Latitude 38 you’ll read about this writer’s final haulout in a four-year study on the effectiveness of the biocide Econea in bottom paint.
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© Bahia del Sol El Salvador Rally Expand your horizons! Join a completely different kind of rally where you travel at your own pace to enjoy a springtime rendezvous with other like-minded, adventuresome cruisers.
Writing about violent crime along the Pacific Coast of Mexico is always tricky.
It is with heavy hearts that we report the passing of former Latitude 38 Racing Editor Rob Moore, who died yesterday after a two-year battle with lung cancer.
Our previous report that the mast of 84-year-old Tom Corogin’s Westsail 32 TLC had "snapped" about 500 miles south of Easter Island was apparently inaccurate.
In order to attract attention to the "Tullett Prebon London Boat Show at ExCeL", which runs from today till January 10, organizers brought in Tamara Ecclestone, she in the brownish number, and a number of other young women decked out in tuxedo-themed bathing suits and retro bathing caps that look as if they’d be ideal for lightly cleaning dirty boat bottoms.
It’s bad enough that this monument to evil is the centerpiece of the Central Bay, but now it will be glorified again in a new TV drama.
Kame perches atop Angel Island when he gives his Bay currents talk at the Bay Model (which is being refilled next month after a couple years of construction, by the way).
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Want to watch the St. Barth Bucket, "the greatest spectacle in the world," with the Wanderer and Doña de Mallorca from their Leopard 45 sailing cat ‘ti Profligate?