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Archive for December 2010

Photoshopped or Authenic, You Tell Us

No matter how you slice it, that’s a lotta sashimi! But is the photo real? © Endangered Encounters As you might imagine, here at Latitude 38 World Headquarters we receive all sorts of crazy stuff by email — and we’re not just talking about Nigerian inheritance scams, artificial hip recalls, and web specials on oxycodone. More »

“Cancel My Classy Classified!”

"Please cancel the online and printed ads for my Olson 25," wrote Jim Lewis recently. "You folks posted the ad on your website late in the afternoon on October 26. I got a call about the boat a few hours later and sold it that evening. More »

Teaching ‘Traditional Values’

After many hours of dedicated work, three of the little skiff’s builders take her for a victory lap around Aquatic Park. © Seth Muir In an era when many California schools have eliminated practical, hands-on ‘shop’ courses, the San Francisco Maritime National Park Association has been quietly offering boatbuilding courses to disadvantaged youth for the past five years, that teach marketable skills, build self-esteem, and sometimes give participants a whole new direction in life.  More »

Two Canadians Rescued off Costa Rica

Jud Baker, left, and John Davidson, right, survived in a dinghy without food or water for three days before their rescue last Saturday. Inset, Trinity in happier days. © Sunbelt Spirit Last Saturday, Canadians John Davidson, 65, and Jud Baker, 47, were rescued from their inflatable dinghy after Davidson’s 42-ft trimaran Trinity sank in rough weather about five miles off Costa Rica three days earlier. More »

A Bay Sailor’s Sad End

Despite an extensive search that lasted nearly eight hours, Bay Area sailor Casey Speed, 28, could not be found after he fell off his Sausalito-based Island Packet Kachina near Tiburon shortly before 8:30 p.m. More »
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Your Move, Larry

With an 11-0 vote, San Francisco’s Board of Supervisors approved the Host City Agreement for America’s Cup 34 yesterday, and Mayor Gavin Newsom promptly signed it. What is unclear is whether the agreement — which is sigificantly different from what was orginially negotiated between the City and BMW Oracle Racing — will satisfy Larry Ellison and Russell Coutts. More »

Break Out the Bubbly…Bath

"We have to agree that a shower of any kind is a special event while cruising," writes Emmy Newbould, who has been cruising with hubby Eric Willbur aboard their Brickyard Cove-based Dutchman 37 Nataraja since April ’09 and are currenty in New Zealand. More »

Sunny and Not-So-Sunny Memories

With beautiful sunsets 80-degree water, and affordable prices, Cabo is a prime winter getaway. But this year tourists are few and far between. © 2010 Jeffrey Gould Responding to our call for photos of on- or near-the-water Thanksgiving celebrations, Jeffrey Gould wrote, "While we’re not cruisers, my wife Karen and I did enjoy a week in Cabo that encompassed Thanksgiving. More »

Another Big California Boat to Oz

As we’ve been reporting for several months now, Aussies have been coming to California to buy expensive sailboats. There is no mystery as to the reason why. Thanks to the weaker American dollar and the stronger Aussie dollar, sailors from the Land Down Under believe they can buy a boat in the States, take a couple of years to cruise her home, and, upon selling the boat, recoup all their money. More »
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AC Picture Gets Muddled

With the Board of Supervisors Budget and Finance Committee set to vote today on whatever iteration of the Host City Agreement survives the final number crunching, the message from BMW Oracle Racing was disturbing to Cup fans who want to see the Cup come to the Bay. More »