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Archive for January 2009

Three Bridge Fiasco is a Whopper

This weekend’s Three Bridge Fiasco, sponsored by the Singlehanded Sailing Society, is one of the Bay’s most popular races, consistently drawing hundreds of local sailors. This year’s record-breaking 350 boats will begin crossing the start line off Golden Gate YC at 9:30 tomorrow morning, heading whichever way they feel like in an effort to round three marks near the Golden Gate, Bay and Richmond bridges. More »

Jourdain Sheds Keel

Roland Jourdain seen here celebrating sailing past the latitude of Rio de Janeiro. While things haven’t (yet?) gone upside-down for him, the French skipper, now some 600 miles from the Azores, is making do without a keel. More »
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Dinius Trial Postponed Till May

Lake County News is reporting that the trial of Bismarck Dinius, which was slated to begin this month, has been pushed back to May. The postponement was requested by Deputy District Attorney John Langan and was not opposed by Dinius’s attorney Victor Haltom. More »

February Latitude Hits the Streets

The February issue of Latitude 38 is hot off the press and being delivered around the Bay Area as this edition of ‘Lectronic Latitude is uploading. Check out the report on the less-than-windy-but-still-a-barrel-of-fun Corinthian YC Midwinters; and the thrilling story of a South Pacific rescue; and the update on Balclutha‘s haulout; and what a harbormaster’s day is really like (it’s not what you’d expect). More »

Save on Ha-Ha Swag

The Baja Ha-Ha may be in hibernation till May, but that doesn’t mean you have to go without some kickin’ Ha-Ha gear. Whether you forgot to buy your crew souvenir T-shirts or just want to motivate yourself to make the start of this fall’s ‘Sweet 16’, now’s the time to pick up some great swag at deep discounts. More »

Standing Room Only Seminars

You’d never know we are in the middle of a severe recession by the attendance at the Seattle Boat Show, which runs through this Sunday. Hundreds of watersports enthusiasts were roaming the halls of the Qwest Field Event Center, gathering info and trolling for bargains — and there were plenty of those to be had. More »

Mexico on the Bay

Carole eyes the wares at one of the local tiendas on Mission in San Francisco. © Pat McIntosh "I’m sorry I wasn’t clear that Carole and I didn’t hear the SOS from Carpe Diem," Pat McIntosh wrote after we posted Wednesday’s update on the rescue off Cabo of the Lancer 44 Carpe Diem. More »

Volvo Fleet Thinned

Ericsson 3 Bowman Martin Krite looking none too happy while standing by with the bilge pumps that saved the boat after cracks developed in the hull forward of the bulkhead in the photo. More »