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The Delta: Northern California's Inland Cruising Destination

Stories and Tips for Cruising the California Delta

Delta Doo Dah

Learn about the Delta Doo Dah here.

The Latest Delta Cruising News

From Delta Cruiser to Channel Islands Solo Sailor

Jacki Philpott & Mike Pyzel on the dock

After cruising in this year’s Delta Doo Dah aboard her Cal 2-27 Dura Mater, Jackie embarked upon a solo sail from Richmond Yacht Club to the Channel Islands.

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Notes and Photos from Flibbertigibbet’s Summer Wanders

Three-boat raft-up

A remarkable 92 boats signed up for 2020’s Delta Doo Dah Dozen, so when we put out the call for stories and photos to run in the October issue of Latitude 38…

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Olive’s August Adventures in the Delta

Olive docked at Korth's

Max Perez, solo sailing the Pearson 303 Olive in the Delta Doo Dah Dozen cruising rally in early August, filed this report.

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Catamaran ‘Hokahey’ and Her Crew Come to the Rescue

Hokahey at anchor

We hear a conversation on the VHF radio between the Coast Guard and a 28-ft powerboat without power on the San Joaquin River.

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Delta Doo Dah August Newsletter

Delta cruising

As Labor Day approaches we’ve sent out an end-of-summer newsletter to participants in the 12th Annual Delta Doo Dah. Despite the challenging times, the Doo Dah has been a huge success.

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Delta Resources — Articles from the Latitude 38 Archives

Delta Dining

Visit Latitude 38's Boat-in Dining page for a comprehensive list of Delta and Bay Area dining destinations.

The Cruise of the Laundry Basket

Cruise of the Laundry Basket

In August 2002 we reprinted one of the original great stories of exploring the Delta on a small sailboat. A family cruises the Delta in 1948 aboard an 18-ft sailboat. It was great then and it's great now. A fun story to learn about the Delta and how times have changed.

Fitting Out: The Cruiser's Back Porch

A centuries-old adage claims, "You can tell a lot about a sailor by the cut of his jib." But when it comes to modern cruisers, nothing reveals more about their sailing style than the 'back porch' of their boat. That is, the stern section, which may house everything from solar panels to surfboards, and barbecues to radar domes.

Favorite Sailing Apps

One of the frustrating aspects of living in this 'app-happy' era of endless innovation is that is it seems almost impossible to keep up with the latest, greatest developments in technology — including smartphone, tablet and computer software related to boating.


Racing to Your Cruising - Delta Ditch Run 2009

So many Bay Area boats are 'racer/cruisers' and the annual Delta Ditch Run from San Francisco Bay to the Stockton Sailing Club is a perfect way to blend both of your boat's personalities. It's a great race that finishes in a great cruising area. 


Delta Adventures