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savvy navvy marks 2021 as record growth year

Marine technology company savvy navvy marks a record year by smashing its global user growth target of its navigation app for boaters, alongside new technical innovations and establishing leading industry partnerships.

savvy navvy
savvy navvy app is growing in popularity.
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Setting out to simplify boating technology, UK-based savvy navvy has gone from strength to strength since launching just four years ago, with more than 43 million miles plotted by its hundreds of thousands users globally. In less than a year, the USA and Canada have become one of savvy navvy’s fastest growing markets.

In the last quarter savvy navvy has doubled its revenue and exceeded its crowdfunding user growth campaign targets set for 2021. Constantly innovating its technology based on user feedback, savvy navvy has launched dozens of new major app features this year. This includes the industry-first departure scheduler and  shortly a functionality enabling users to see 3D terrain along coastlines will go live, making a huge difference to both safety and confidence when navigating trickier waters.

“We’re constantly evolving and making changes based on user feedback in order to get more people out on the water enjoying boating. This year has been our biggest yet and while some is certainly down to the big boom happening in boating at the moment, working directly with our end-users to hear their views has enabled us to make a better product that meets the market demand to simplify boating navigation,” says Jelte Liebrand, CEO & Founder of savvy navvy.

Jelte, also believes that partnerships are at the core of industry innovation. This year alone savvy navvy’s partnerships have increased ten-fold now covering each of its global regions, including everything from marinas, products and specialist boat insurers.

“Any company that ultimately brings ease of use to a boater’s sailing experience adds value to us and to them,” says Jelte Liebrand. Always looking ahead to the future of boating, one of savvy navvy’s latest partnerships set up has been with all-electric boat manufacturers X Shore from Scandinavia.

“We are really keen to align ourselves with savvy navvy, who have the same eagerness as us to do something new in the industry. Their mapping experience is so much closer to what a modern consumer would expect. Unlike other suppliers who have taken months to create a map of charging points for us, we know as soon as the data is there, savvy navvy can feature it to their app at speed instantly making it accessible to its global users,” says Stefan Wessels, Tech Innovation and Collaboration Lead at X Shore.

Heading into its fifth year, 2022 will see more exciting developments for savvy navvy, focusing on driving engagement, innovating and using technical advances such as integrating with onboard systems like AIS and NMEA2000.

“Our vision from the outset has been for savvy navvy to be in every boater’s pocket. With what lies ahead in 2022, we are certainly expecting to come increasingly closer to that goal,” says Jelte Liebrand.      

To find out more visit . You can also hear more about savvy navvy’s growth in the latest episode of their award-winning boating podcast ‘The Boating Life’ live now.

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