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Club Nautique Under New Ownership

Forty-plus years ago, Don and Judy Durant saw an opportunity to set up a better boat chartering business and Club Nautique was born. Since then, it has set the national standard for boating clubs: an award-winning school with the most comprehensive variety of courses and the most modern and diverse charter fleet (including powerboats!).

In January, Don and Judy turned the club’s helm over to Stephanie LaChance. Stephanie grew up on the water in Virginia Beach. After several stops around the US, she, her husband Jason, and their young son decided to settle in the Bay Area. “I feel at home here,” she said, which is understandable since we are almost the same latitude as her hometown, but the ocean is facing backward.

Club Nautique Jason & Stephanie LaChance
Jason & Stephanie LaChance are the new owners of Club Nautique.
© 2021 Club Nautique

“Club Nautique came through COVID really well,” said Stephanie. “We added over a dozen new boats to the charter fleet over the past 18 months. Our Jeanneau dealership had a great year. I don’t know of any school with the depth and variety of US Sailing/Powerboating certified instruction that we have.”

Club members can take advantage of its wide variety of courses, from novice skills to offshore voyaging. Once certified, they have access to the newest and largest charter fleet on the Bay and can join the Club’s many flotillas. Some members are boat owners, and just want to build their expertise and confidence.

Added Stephanie, “We’re going to build on the club’s legacy of turning out safe, confident, and highly skilled boaters. It’s a win-win – if our members don’t feel confident, they’re not going to charter.”

A former corporate loyalty program executive, Stephanie is as excited about the Club aspect as she is about the boating. “I love the club aspect of the business and the community of people Don and Judy have brought together as members. I look forward to making membership even more rewarding,” she said.

Meanwhile, Don and Judy are tacking east to set off on America’s Great Loop. In a nice touch of symmetry, they’ll be cruising by Virginia Beach.

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