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Latitude 38 Working Waterfront News Central

Since its inception, Latitude 38 has been able to cover, inspire and connect the people in our sailing community thanks to the businesses that support sailors and sailing. This includes boatyards, sailmakers, marinas, boat builders and numerous trades and craftspeople. Over the decades, the space available along our critical public waterfront continues to shrink.  Our Working Waterfront page is dedicated to covering these stories to bring awareness to the jobs, facilities and services that are vital to our nation's commercial and recreational maritime infrastructure. Enjoying the 12-month sailing season up and down the California coast is one of the prime features of living in the West. A working waterfront is one that works for all California citizens and retains space for these important waterfront facilities.

USS ‘Potomac’ Heads to Dry Dock at Bay Ship, Alameda

The 165-ft historic FDR presidential yacht USS ‘Potomac’ will be dry-docked at Bay Ship, Alameda, on March 11.

‘Random’ — The Boat Sailed by the Godfather of Richmond Yacht Club

Known as Richmond Yacht Club’s flagship vessel ‘Random’s keel was laid at the Nunes Brothers yard in Sausalito, in 1949.

Richardson Bay’s Iconic Wooden Yacht ‘Vadura’ Demolished

Richardson Bay’s iconic wooden yacht ‘Vadura’ has met her end at Svendsen’s Bay Marine in Richmond.

Revisiting the 1927 Schooner ‘Northern Light’

Schooner Northern Light

A browse through the decades of ‘Latitude 38’ landed us on a photo of the 140-ft-long schooner ‘Northern Light,’ launched in the Bay in 1927.

Sailor, a Tall Ship and Latitude Connect at The Depot in Mill Valley

Peter Graumann

Where do you find a good read, and a good sailor? At The Depot, of course.

Sausalito’s Working Waterfront Takes Center Stage in Innovation

The Sausalito Working Waterfront Coalition is continuing its mission to retain the Marinship waterfront as a home for innovation, activation and creation in both maritime and land-based businesses, and the artist community.

A Brief History of Sailing San Francisco Bay

Mary Patten

Sailing has a long history on the Bay before foiling was pioneered here. Editor John Riise put together a summary in 2015.

Join the ‘LL King Tide Event as Rising Waters Swamp Bay Area Foreshores

King tides are coming this week. Get amongst it and be part of the wave of activity flooding the Bay Area and West Coast.

Sailor Aidan Mobley Takes on Mavericks Big-Wave Surfing

Andrew Cotton and Aidan Mobley

Aidan Mobley is taking on plenty of new high-performance sailing and surfing challenges.

Is There a Safe Break in the Berkeley Pier?

Berkeley Pier

Has anyone sailed through the Berkeley Pier? And done it safely?

Working Waterfront Issues and Resources

Numerous groups and organizations around the country are working to help preserve maritime economic zones.  Working Waterfront Organizations:

National Working Waterfront Network

Sausalito Working Waterfront

San Diego Working Waterfront

Port Townsend Working Waterfront

San Francisco Bay fill map circa 1969.
Map of Bay fill and conversion to resevoir in 1969. San Francisco Bay might have disappeared or looked dramatically different without the attention of those who recognized and protected the Bay for all Bay Area citizens.

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