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Sailagram: A Snapshot of February Sailing

By Nicki Bennett | March 3, 2023 |

As we sail into spring we have a whole new Sailagram album full of photos from February’s outstanding (and some not-so-great) sailing days.

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You Gotta Read It to Win It
Two new Golden Ticket winners? We don't fully know the science, or math, or whatever phenomenon decides when, and who, the next winners are, but we do get a kick out of hearing from the lucky sailors and then sending them the hat or T-shirt they have requested.
Magazine Features: May 2023

Max Ebb: Cabin Tables for Two

Spencer Tracy, playing the Old Man in the 1958 version of The Old Man and the Sea, has this to say about fresh-caught mahi-mahi (also known as dorado or dolphin-fish): "What an excellent fish dolphin is to eat cooked," he said. "And what a miserable fish raw."

Master Mariners Racing

"Every old wooden boat skipper has a story, every crew can share memorable tales, and every old boat, itself, comes with a story."

BVI Spring Regatta

Seventy boats celebrated 50 years of fabulous sailing and island fun over five days of outstanding racing in perfect conditions at the BVI Spring Regatta and Sailing Festival, held March 27 to April 2.

America’s Schooner Cup

Wind prediction was 6-9 knots on San Diego Bay for the 35th Annual America's Schooner Cup Charity Regatta, held on April 1. With this forecast, the ASC race committee announced at the skippers' meeting that the 12.9-mile race would be shortened to 10.9 miles.

Hauling in Tahiti

It is a sailor's dream to sail the South Pacific, and more specifically, French Polynesia. Referred to in general as Tahiti by those who are not familiar with the French territory, Tahiti is one of the more than 120 islands and atolls that make up French Polynesia.

Racing Sheet

This month we visit SBYC's Island Fever, StFYC's Bunny Bash, EYC's J/105 & Express 37 Invitational, the SSS Round the Rocks, the South Bay Bridge Series, the Bullship for El Toros, SCYC's Champion of Champions and Doublehanded Buoy Fiasco, the Carmiggelt Trophy for Mercurys, the Laser Masters Worlds, and the Ultimate 20 PCCs.
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