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Winner, Winner, She’s a Grinner

Every month, as the new Latitude 38 magazine is printed and bundled up for distribution, we insert some Golden Tickets between the sheets before sending them out for delivery. The readers who find a ticket can choose between receiving a free Latitude 38 T-shirt or cap. Oh, and we always ask for a photo — not because we don’t trust people, but because we want to share the news with the rest of our readers.

Last month Rita Gardner pulled out a winning ticket when she stopped by Swedish Marine in Brickyard Cove Marina to pick up her July edition of the magazine.

Rita the winner, holds up her Latitude 38 magazine
Rita found her winning ticket when she picked up her Latitude 38 at Swedish Marine. Be like Rita and grab yourself a copy each month.
© 2020 Rita Gardner

So who is Rita? We asked that too, and fortunately Rita replied with some insight into her sailing life.

“I’m definitely a fair-weather sailor,” Rita said, “on OPBs (other people’s boats). I have been a member of Richmond Yacht Club since the 1980s, and worked for a time at both the DeWitt and Sobstad sail lofts.”

“I love that I live in the sailing capital of the world (Point Richmond, of course!) and am happy to have a whole community of sailing friends in the neighborhood. A very long time ago, I wrote some articles for Latitude 38 (in the 1980s and 90s), and have had a photo of mine on the cover. Again, a very long time ago. My favorite sailing place is the Caribbean. Like I said, I’m definitely a fair-weather person.”

Rita with her winning ticket
T-shirt or hat. Which will you choose when you win?
© 2020 Rita Gardner

Did you find a Golden Ticket in your August Latitude 38? If you don’t have your copy yet, head over to your nearest distributor and get your issue now.


  1. Ants Uiga 3 years ago

    No golden ticket on my digital version, but seeing Rita after decades was certainly a golden moment!

  2. Kim Paternoster 3 years ago

    YAY RITA!!! Our next door neighbor!!!

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