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Will It Be San Diego?

The Port of San Diego’s new promotional video promises excellent AC 35 viewing potential within the harbor’s natural ‘sailing stadium’.

Port of San Diego
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With America’s Cup 35 organizers promising to announce the venue for 2017’s big show by the end of December, both final contenders — Bermuda and San Diego — are evidently pushing hard to seal the deal in their favor.

Last month Bermuda created a lot of buzz about having been chosen as an AC World Series venue — with racing next year in foiling AC45s. Meanwhile, the latest PR effort by California’s southernmost city is the stunning video below, which showcases San Diego’s many indisputably worthwhile attractions while boasting, "We can count on ideal breeze for racing: over 8 knots 93% of the time." (Ahem!) 

For San Francisco sailors, that’s not much air flow, but fortunately the new foiling AC62s should be able to sail faster than the apparent wind, whether running, reaching or beating. So we’re hoping San Diego gets the nod — that would indeed be a very nice Christmas present.

video courtesy Port of San Diego


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Northern California is known for cutting edge innovation, but there is one sailing area in which the stodgy old Northeast seems to out-innovate us.