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Why Should I Join the Tahiti-Moorea Sailing Rendez-vous?

Pacific Puddle Jumper Andy Turpin was recently asked by a sailor why they should join the Tahiti-Moorea Sailing Rendez-vous. His reasoning is solid; now we want to go, too!

The Polynesians ensure everyone feels welcome.
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I don’t own the Tahiti-Moorea Sailing Rendez-vous, but I have been one of its most vocal supporters since it was first staged 17 years ago. Here are a dozen reasons why:

• The annual four-day Rendez-vous, July 21-24 this year, is unique among sailing events worldwide because it not only celebrates the arrival of an international fleet of sailors, but it also focuses on introducing them to many elements of Polynesian culture that have been handed down through the generations, and are still highly revered today.

• Meet with the local Tahitian dignitaries during a special Rendez-vous reception at City Hall in downtown Papeete.

• Attend a special Rendez-vous skippers’ briefing, where experts will share their detailed, up-to-date local knowledge of cruising in Tahiti and her sister isles.

• Enjoy exotic, high-energy music and dance presentations on both Tahiti and Moorea.

• Join the “just-for-fun” sailing rally from Papeete to majestic Opunohu Bay. And if you’d like to “give something back” to your Tahitian hosts, consider inviting a few locals onboard for the crossing. (By arrangement with Rally Committee.)

• Sample locally made rum, wine and fruit juice, and learn about their production processes.

• Meet with local artisans and let them teach you how to hand-dye a pareo, or weave a palm-frond headband or a headdress of freshly cut tropical flowers.

• Enjoy an optional dinner feast and/or luncheon that features many classic Polynesian dishes.

• Test your paddling prowess during a series of six-person outrigger canoe races, staged on the Opunohu lagoon.

• Ashore, in the gardens of Domaine Kellum, sample other age-old Tahitian sports, with instruction from local experts.

• Meet one-on-one with cruising professionals from Tahiti, Tonga, Fiji, and Vanuatu, who will fly in specifically to share their local knowledge.

• Get to know other 2023 passagemakers in attendance, and compare notes on your offshore experiences.

All recently arrived cruisers, as well as those who arrived in previous years, are welcome to attend this year‘s Rendez-vous. Please see the website for pricing and registration. (Sponsors cover most of the costs of this elaborate event.)

I hope to see you there!
— Andy Turpin, PPJ

Tahiti-Moorea sailboat race
The Polynesian culture is full of music and color.
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  1. Jennifer Martindale 1 year ago

    I couldn’t agree more! I have been lucky enough to attend the Tahiti Moorea Sailing rendezvous twice and the times had were definitely an awesome ending to the Pacific crossing and introduction to Polynesian culture! Andy Turpin and the rendezvous are first rate! Thank you to both!!

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