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What’s So Great About Cruising the Pac NW?

We’re not asking this in a derisive manner, but out of curiosity. We all have our preferences, and in case anyone hasn’t noticed, those of us at Latitude 38 are more inclined to like the tropics than cooler cruising areas. After all, sailing in the trades and diving into 81-degree water feels like an all-over massage by the goddesses of the universe. Aaaaaaahhhhhhh.

Yet being close-minded isn’t the smartest predisposition, as you can miss out on a lot of great things in life. For example, 25 years ago we weren’t very excited about eating raw fish. Then we gave it a try. Now we’re probably responsible for half of the declining fish populations in the world.

So while lying in our bunk the other night, we got to thinking, maybe we’re missing great things in the Pacific Northwest. We know the seafood is great. We know there are some beautiful vistas. Maybe there’s even more to it than that.

We suspect many readers who respond will praise British Columbia’s splendid capital, Victoria. Seen here are the guest docks in front of the landmark Empress Hotel.

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If you cruise or have cruised the Pacific Northwest, we’d like to hear what you like about it. What are your favorite things to do? Where are your favorite places to visit? And if you started a Pacific Northwest cruise from San Francisco Bay, when did you leave, and how difficult was it going against the prevailing northwesterlies.


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