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Wet, Wild and Action-Packed

Southern California’s Ron Bartczak paints "wet, wild, exciting and action-packed" images of yacht races.

© Ron Bartczak

While Northern California enjoys the stylized nautical artistry of the legendary Jim DeWitt, Southern California has Ron Bartczak. The 80-year-old Newport sailor spent most of his life as an advertising executive. “When I retired from the ad game, I began looking for sailing art for my walls,” says Bartczak. “I couldn’t find what I wanted so I broke out my brushes and paint. The result was what I call ‘Action Sailing Art’, which depicts sailing as it should be illustrated: wet, wild, exciting and action-packed.”

Bartczak’s subject matter may be similar to that of renowned Bay Area artist Jim DeWitt, but his style is his own.

© 2015 Ron Bartczak

If you find yourself in the Costa Mesa area this summer, be sure to drop by Anne’s Boutique Wines (270 E. 17th St.; 949-631-6627) to check out Bartczak’s current exhibit of ‘action sailing art’, which ends September 1. Though his website is currently under construction, you can email the artist directly. 

You can see more of the octogenarian’s work at Anne’s Boutique Wines in Costa Mesa until September 1. 

© Ron Bartczak

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